Sunday, March 27, 2011

YBF Lip Lights

"Light is an immaterial element, and yet, it has the power to change reality. It removes shadows and creates others. Under natural light, the world seems real. But an artificial light transforms it into a universe full of mystery. Light is compressed energy, ready to express itself! Glimmer, luminescence, reflections, pearly nuances, solar and lunar colors give your lips vitality and warmth to reveal the hidden magic of the power of light"

YBF Lip Lights ($19.80) come in a variety of 3 packs. Either your "Pinks", your "Neutrals" or your "Wines" So you are getting not one THREE lip glosses for $20 bucks! Pretty good eh? The single price comes out to about 6 bucks. So the above pic is the neutrals, which are a little bit too dark for me, and don't come out as neutral as I hoped. The colors are Rustic Reflection, Twilight Tan and Twinkle Taupe. These glosses are made out of a light refracting formula which offers extreme brilliance, leaving your lips with a beautiful glisten. I love the undertones of gold microshimmer which leaves it reminding me a bit of Smashbox's O Gloss.

The formula is not tacky or heavy, in fact it's extremely light weight, which was my favorite part. These are enhanced with shining oils and agents that multiply the reflections of light, this formula creates lips that appear like stained glass If you look at the swatches, they look pretty intense, and the neutral set is probably much more suited for an olive to dark skin toned person. I think I would have done much better with the pinks, which would be much prettier on my light skin. Twinkle Taupe is a lighter neutral that I found to be the most wearable.

You can purchase YBF lip lights on YBF's website for $19.80. See anything you like?

Overall Rating: (Probably would have been an A if not for the colors)

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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