Monday, April 11, 2011

Currenty Loving: CARGO Triple Action Mascara

Enjoy the triple threat of an innovative mascara that thickens, lengthens, and curls from Cargo Triple Action Mascara. This formula coats lashes with a flexible layer that elongates and curls each lash to create thicker, more voluminous looking lashes. Beeswax provides lashes with hold to keep curl in place and Panthenol strengthens lashes to define lashes and give you bolder eyes.

I received this mascara as a sample size in my Cargo Spring Collection Set from Apothica, and needless to say, I LOVE this stuff. It's so hard for me to find a great mascara, and this one is one of my favorites. Did you know Sephora isn't selling Cargo anymore? Maybe they never did, I'm a recent fan of Cargo, and I found it pretty hard to find out where I can buy it, because Ulta and Sephora does not.

The Triple Action Mascara lengthens, volumizes and curls. It's not one of the best pics, but as you can see it did a number on my lower lashes. I probably won't review it, but the Cargo Safari Kit is a must have. It comes in a gorgeous makeup bag with a peachy blush, a lip gloss, a brown eyeliner pencil, mascara and eyeshadow. And at only $34 it's a steal.

The mascara sells for $20 at Cargo, and Apothica, and I can't wait to buy this in full size. This was a great introduction to CARGO, and I'm excited to purchase more from their website.

Do you love Cargo? If so, what's a good product to try out?

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  1. Cargo used to be sold at Sephora for FOREVER! I have no idea why they dont anymore because it's one of my favorite lines. There makeup is amazing, I use it all the time!!! I wish they would bring it back since it's such a hassile to get my mits on it now :( I def want to try out this mascara your lashes look fierce :)


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