Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Face atelier Cosmetics Review + Swatches + Photos

Have you heard of FACE atelier? The name is unique, so it stuck with me when I first read about how great their products are. I've heard many things about their foundation and how lightweight and natural it makes you look, so I knew I had to try. I'm always looking for the "perfect" foundation that will just match my face perfectly. So far the closest I've come is my NARS sheer glow, but I still think I can do better because the NARS gives me such lightweight coverage.

Face atelier's Ultra Foundation an innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control. Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of the skin, doesn’t crease or flake, and lasts all day long. Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish. No primer needed! It's built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula. Another bonus - it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish. I love that you don't have to use a primer with this foundation because it's already in the formula.

I received the full size of #3 Wheat which is a sheer foundation with pinkish undertones. It was a little too pink for my skin, I'm thinking I should have chose a more beige, or a color with yellowish undertones such as Sand or Honey. It's so hard to choose a good color just by looking at a website, you really need to actually touch it and swatch to know exactly what shade is right for you. With that said, Wheat was still good on me. I'm a bit tan right now, so it blended nicely. The coverage is like a liquid airbrush machine, and it takes away all your flaws and blemishes. In the pictures seen below, I didn't even wear a concealer which is usually a must for my dark circles.

Of course a powder afterwards works best to make sure you don't start to shine later on in the day, but I got a good 7 hours out of this foundation. I think people with dry skin would benefit the most from the Ultra Foundation because it's so dewey and if you're not careful, or apply too much, it could get a little greasy. But a little goes a long way, which is good because the price tag is a bit high at $45. But when it comes to a good face foundation, it's the one cosmetic product I will splurge for, because I really think it's the most important part of your makeup, and if you don't get the right color, or the right coverage type, you could look a total mess.

(#3 Wheat, #5 Sepia)

I think Sepia was a better match and had more of the color I'm looking for in a foundation. I received a sample of that foundation, and I think that's the one I'll be purchasing when I'm out of Wheat.

Face atelier's Lip Glaze ($24) in color "Cameo" was surprisingly one of the best lip glosses I've tried in a while. I'm usually not a fan of "spout" glosses and they usually are too sticky and not glossy enough.

"Impossibly shiny and smooth as glass, our non-sticky, moisturizing formula is a cinch to apply with its sanitary, slant-tip applicator. Highly concentrated and pigmented, long-lasting Lip Glaze gives a high-shine effect while hydrating and mositurizing your lips. And as per usual (for FACE atelier), a little goes a long way. Size matters! Our Lip Glaze is up to 60% larger than other lip glosses. Small wonder that it's an enduring PRO Favorite"

I will stay this gloss is huge! 15 ml of lipgloss, so it's worth the price tag.

The color is a gorgeous nude with a slight peach hue , and if you think the color is not quite colorful or bright enough for your taste, they come in many different colors. As long as you like lip gloss, you will like this one. $24 is well worth the price for the quality and size of this gloss. There is no fragrance or taste, which is refreshing because I haven't seen one of these in a while.

Although I'm extremely tired and I didn't do my hair, all my facial flaws have been erased although I still think I could have benefited from a concealer because you can see my under eye lines coming through. I'm not wearing concealer or anything else on my skin then a bit of blush. I love the Lip Glaze, it's natural and sheer, and perfect for a nice glossy shine. Face Atelier is available online at their website, and Camera Ready Cosmetics, one of my favorite sites for professional makeup.

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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