Monday, April 18, 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize Review

Ever since I reviewed the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, I've been intrigued by Liz Earle products. Now I'm trying out the rest of the 3 step process, the toner and moisturizer. I've always said and I will still say that the three important parts of your daily skin care regimen should be cleanse, tone, mosturize. Something Liz Earle also believes.

The Toner and Moisturizer are of course meant for use after the hot cloth cleanser. I just recently started using toners, and I can't believe I wasn't using one. I like the simple pastel packaging which can be displayed nicely in the bathroom.

If you haven't used a toner before, and you're wondering why it's so important, well it's because it closes your pores. I have huge pores, especially lately so toner is especially important around my t zone area. I wish it smelled more like the Hot Cloth Cleanser which smells amazing, but oh well. The Instant Boost Skin Tonic is one of my favorites to date. It won't irritate your skin, and it doesn't burn or itch when you apply it. Sometimes toners can have that effect especially if they are used with other skin care products.

Of course the spout top is one of the best parts. I can't stand when liquids come with a bottle cap, which cause you a lot of spillage and wasting product. (Yep I'm talking to you MAC) so I'm glad Liz Earle realized this when they created the packaging. Toners also are an extra cleanse AFTER your regular face wash, but can I mention, the hot cloth cleanser does such a job at removing all that makeup and yuck from your face, by the time you get to the toner, there really isn't much to remove.

The last and final part of your 3 Daily Essentials is the Skin Repair Moisturiser ($31) This perfectly balanced moisturiser softens, smoothes and conditions skin for a naturally healthy glow. Rich in natural actives, including borage oil (a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA) and natural antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin E to replace lost moisture and help protect dry/sensitive skin. It also contains avocado oil which is one of my favorite ingredients for skin care.

I love the scent, it's soft and clean smelling. Once applied to the neck and face it absorbs nicely into my skin. It also works great under your favorite face foundation. It doesn't leave you oily or shiny. This is your classic creamy moisturizer, and for the price of you're getting a steal $31.

Using all 3 of these products together will of course give you the best results, and will leave your skin fresh and healthy. Of course it is best used on people with dry to normal skin. Oily skin might find this a bit too moisturizing and might cause a bit of oil build up. I plan on using this during season changes when my skin starts to get very dry and flake off. The most significant different I've seen is the change in my pores. They are quite a bit smaller and not as noticeable.

To purchase this products, visit Liz Earle online. You can also purchase the entire set for best results for $59. The moisturizer is also available for oily or combination skin types in case you were wondering!

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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