Monday, April 4, 2011

Organic Pharmacy Organic Glam Review

The Organic Pharmacy is dedicated to creating organic products free from toxins commonly found in cosmetics and the creation of Organic Glam is no exception. When you consider the average woman eats throughout her live 5 pounds (450g) of lipstick, using a natural and organic lip stick is important. But I wanted to go one step further in creating a range that not only was free from artificial preservatives and fragrances but also uses mineral colours, herbal extracts and antioxidants to enhance the skin even more. The result - a range of glossy lipsticks, shimmering eye shadows, flattering blushes and flawless, ultra natural foundations that all work to make the most of your unique features and enhance your beauty

Ok so I had mixed feelings about the things I tried out. I tried the Liquid Shimmer Highlighters, The Eyeshadow Shimmer and the Bronzer.

The Organic Glam Bronzer ($32) is designed to create a fresh healthy glow. I tried Light Bronze, and I'm thinking Gold would have been a much better fit. I really do love the Organic Bronzer, but I don't think of it as bronzer, for me it's more of a powder. It has a yellowish tint with gold micro glitter that can only been seen in the below pic. On my finger you can see a more beige color, and I found it really didn't "bronze" me but it did finish up my makeup pretty nicely. A little bit goes a long way, and I applied this on my face with or without makeup for a nice goldish color.

I think it takes a certain skin tone to pull this color off, but it does make for a nice shimmer or powder finish.

I love highlighters. I think they are much more popular then they used to be, and they are a Spring must have. The Organic Glam Liquid Shimmer Highlighters ($19.50) come in Pink Ice, Silver and Warm Gold. They can be used on your cheek bones, eyelids, tear duct, or anywhere you want a nice shimmery dewy look.

Here are the Silver Ice and Pink Ice Illuminators. Now overall the color and texture is fabulous. Its highly pigmented and can be compared to my beloved Benefit High Beam. When placed on the face you get a nice dewey shimmery look, just as described. But I did have a couple issues.

(Pink Ice, Silver Ice)

I think these work best as eyeliners or eye shimmers. I personally like my illuminators for my cheek bones and above my blush. Because of the brush and the way these swipe, it's hard to get more then a tiny amount on your cheeks. Plus I found they were a bit scratchy, I'm not sure if I had a bottle that was a bit dried out, but I found it very hard to get enough product on the brush. If you're looking for a shimmer for your eyes, or an eyeliner, these would be good. As far as cheeks and face shimmers, I would say you would need something a bit bigger because you will find it hard to swipe this anywhere other then the eyes.

The Organic Pharmacy Mineral Eyeshadow Shimmers ($18.50) are a loose shimmer powder with easy to use screw top applicator. Organic Glam Mineral Eye Jewels have been formulated using 100% natural mineral powder and contain NO artificial preservatives or fragrances. I love these, because they create a beautiful color that can be layered with other shadows for a beautiful shimmer. I had the Bronze color though, which was a bit dark for me, and I couldn't blend well with anything else. I ended up gifting this to a friend with a darker skin tone, and she fell in love with it. But just because I got the wrong color, I can't fault the actual product, and I think a pink or lighter brown would have been gorgeous. I also have to add, the application is very easy, and can be swiped with a heavy had or just a bit for that extra night out glow.

What do you think ? Are you a shimmer fan? Overall the bronzer was the best pick for me, but I love shimmers in all sizes and colors. You can purchase any of the products above and more at the Organic Pharmacy.

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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