Friday, May 20, 2011

Kenzo L'eau Par Kenzo Wild for Summer 2011

Kenzo introduces two limited edition scents for summer.

L’Eau Par Kenzo Wild Pour Femme ($55.00)
An energetic, sparkling, fresh fragrance. Tangerine and white peach fuse, then unfurl around jasmine petals. A wild, airy, festive fragrance.

L’Eau Par Kenzo Wild Pour Homme ($55.00)
A fresh fragrance with spicy woody notes: vibrant coriander leaves combine with the luminous energy of mint and the elegance of cedar. A new, fresh sparkling scent with a spontaneous and rebellious approach.

Every time Kenzo comes out with a new fragrance, I get super excited. First of all, I've never smelled a perfume from their company I didn't love, and the packaging is always gorgeous. The Wild Limited Edition bottles are not as fancy as previous products, but dare I say it, this is my favorite perfume, not of Kenzo's but of the entire year. Don't get me wrong, the bottle is still beautiful. It has a 3d backwards effect that I've never seen on a scent before, kudos to Kenzo for making another beautiful product.

The Kenzo L'eau Par Kenzo Wild Pour Femme, (seen above) is described as fresh fruity fragrance fused with tangerine, white peach and jasmine. If you like soft clean scents you will love this one. When I smell this I think of a peach wrapped in flower petals, topped with a hint of lilly. Or maybe a light sparkling peach wine. When you first spray it, the peach smell comes head on, and once it's hit your skin you start to smell a more floral ginger scent. The base notes are Musk and Cedar which I don't smell too much of. I'm not much for musky fragrances, but the Cedar can be identified after a couple minutes on the skin if you smell closely.

Remember perfumes smell different on everyone, so I can say for sure who will like a certain smell, but if you're a fan of other Kenzo fragrances especially the Flower by Kenzo, you will probably go crazy for this. Dare I say this is my favorite Summer fragrance. This will be my #1 in my perfume stash, at least for this year.

L’Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme Wild is a refreshing aromatic-spicy fragrance, vivid like a wild waterfall. It starts with dynamic top notes of lemon, ginger and coriander, leading to the core of exciting fresh mint, cardamom and sage. Noble notes of cedar wood and white musk complete the composition.

Top notes: lemon, ginger, coriander
Heart: mint, cardamom, sage
Base: cedar, white musk

Oh how my boyfriend is gonna go crazy over this. This is a fresh fruity, woody fragrance that smells like your classic favorite cologne. I love that Kenzo put "Wild Edition" in the title, because this does remind me of a wild mix of some of your favorite notes, put together beautifully so it's not too heavy or too light. I am SO picky when it comes to all colognes, because on a man, a smell is a big deal. The base note stand out the most to me. Cedar and White Musk take over and remind me a bit of my favorite smell on a guy, the Abercrombie smell! I also detect a bit of ginger and lemon combined for an energetic youthful scent that men of all age will appreciate. I always tell my readers I can't promise you will love a scent, because people's taste is so different with colognes and perfumes. However Kenzo L'eau Par Kenzo Wild Edition stands out above the crowd and I'm sure you will fall in love with it's light musky scent. I can't imagine anyone not liking this one! It's smell is very like able and perfect for summer.

I am going to recommend these as great birthday gifts, or just gifts in general for anyone searching for a good fragrance. At $55 it's also the perfect price for all. You can find out more about Kenzo's Wild Edition Fragrances at Kenzo's online website. And of course you can visit Sephora to purchase as well.

( LOVE it!)

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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