Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lady Primrose Cream Soap on Coaster

Looking for an excellent gift? Know someone that loves soap? Maybe you are that person!? Lady Primrose is fast becoming one of my favorite companies. They have such a huge variety of beauty/bath products, each one wrapped or housed in gorgeous fancy packages. I first read about them on Musings of a Muse, where the owner of that blog showcased tons of different crystal like products. Things that looked like they were made for a princess. Lady Primrose is one of the fancier more high end beauty products out there.

So back to the soap. The Lady Primrose Cream Soap on a Coaster ($20) would make a great gift based on the gift packaging, but of course can be used for yourself. Makes a beautiful display in your bathroom. I plan on collecting a lot more Lady Primrose products to make my bathroom look more elegant and sophisticated. Gently scented, the Cream Soap is 40% moisturizer and enriched with cleansers mild enough for the most sensitive skin. Can even be used to wash the face. This item is the perfect hostess gift and great for use in a guest bath. I'm thinking this is great for a thank you gift, house warming, birthday, and everything in between.

For the review, I unwrapped the soap and tried it on my face and hands. Honestly I would keep this in a guest room or somewhere where it will get little to no use because of how pretty it is. The soap also smells fabulous. It reminds me a bit of cucumber with a perfume scent. And the fact that it can be used on your face is just an added bonus.

If you haven't heard of Lady Primrose, or haven't tried out their products, make sure you visit the website, ( So far I have my eyes on these things, because of the gorgeous packaging.

Bathing Gel

Body Creme

Tryst Kiss Boxed Candle

Have you tried Lady Primrose? Thoughts?

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