Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Specific Beauty Review

Specific Beauty is a dermatologist tested, designed and proven treatment line. The result of years of experience and research, it is specifically designed for multi-hued skin tones. This regimen contains products that were formulated to be used together so the final results are benefits that are clearly visible. When used as directed, Specific Beauty regimen will result in a more even skin tone, improved skin texture and leaves skin hydrated, brighter and more radiant. In addition, the products are perfect for all skin types.”

Ok so this beauty line consists of 5 different products, the cleanser, cleansing cloths, hydrating lotion, night complex lotion and brightening serum. I was excited to try the entire line, because nothing is better then trying out a whole system together, so you get the best effects. I was also happy to know there was cleansing cloths in the lot, because cleansing cloths are a must have for me these days. My favorites are the Ole Henriksen Cleansing pads, wow those do wonders for my skin! LOVE! So let's start off with those. Sadly, me and my boyfriend were dissapointed in the cloths because I noticed once I used them, I still had makeup residue left on my face. :( Total bummer. For some reason, the cloths seemed to dry out after a couple days. Maybe I had a bad batch? Either way, after using, I felt the urge to keep cleansing.

The liquid cleanser proved to be a bit more effective in taking off my makeup, so ok used TOGETHER I got somewhere with cleansing my face. The cleanser is gentle enough to be used on all skin tones, (as Specific Beauty implies) and fares pretty good at taking off all that dirt and grime from the day's makeup. Plus I love the easy to use, no mess applicator. You won't waste any product here!

So if I'm going to tell you to buy one thing out of the collection, it's the Skin Brightening Serum ($24.99) Although it smells a bit funny, and a tiny bit medicine like, I can feel a slight tingling sensation, and for me, that makes me think it's working! I think it helped with the spots on my face where I have an uneven skintone, but I didn't see much brightening take place. It did moisturize nicely, and I think this could be used alone as a nighttime/daytime skin routine. And don't worry ladies, the smell won't linger too long.

As for the day and night moisturizers, well at $8.99 you are getting an amazing bargain. For a moisturizer that is a steal. The night cream will cost you a bit more when bought alone at $18.99 however. I can't say these are "bad" products, but sadly after 2 months of use, (yes it's been a long review) I have seen no changes in my skin's brightness or radiance. In fact I think my skin has been extremely dull lately, and lacking that "glow" I so often look for in a beauty skin care line.

Specific Beauty is meant to even skin tone, improve your skin's texture and leave your skin hydrated. In my final thought, I will say that it did moisturize my face day and night. My face was never left dry, in fact it was left soft to the touch. I also love how easy this system is to use. The bottles give you specific directions, there is no messy applicators, and it's pretty straight forward. If you are looking for more moisture at a great price, Specific Beauty might be a go for you! It's much better then some other anti-aging products around the same price range at your local drugstore. Of course expensive does NOT always mean better, I will give this an average rating.

Price of Product: from $6.99 to $24.99 each, discounted to $70.16 when you buy the whole line together

To purchase, visit Specific Beauty's website

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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