Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sultra Bombshell Review

Celebs like Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Simpson have long had many of us longing for those seemingly effortless, loose, beachy waves they all have in common. If you've ever tried to get said waves, you know that "effortless" really isn't so effort-free after all. Whether your hair is fine or thick, long or short, you've surely spent a socially unacceptable amount of time curling and twirling your locks with an iron, only to have your waves fall flat five minutes after leaving the house. The Sultra Bombshell will give you beautiful natural curly waves in less then 30 minutes!

Why do I need THE BOMBSHELL? The Bombshell is the evolution of the classic curling iron. Create the curls or waves you want in half the time with no lines caused by clip curling irons.

Why does THE BOMBSHELL rock? The Bombshell's smooth rod barrel provides constant, even 360°f heat. Plus, Japanese Kyocera® Ceramic Technology repairs the hair with infrared rays while you style.

What other features make THE BOMBSHELL a must-have? The Bombshell features the best
ceramic heater techology anywhere Universal voltage Complimentary Styling Glove included Plus
the Sultra Standards*

Ok so this thing heats soo quickly and is super easy to use. It even comes with
a glove so you don't burn your hand. Here's the difference between this and a regular curling iron. The curls look SO much more natural. Almost like you didn't have to do a thing. The Bombshell creates perfectly smooth waves or curls, no matter your hair length or texture. We were able to attain surfer girl waves on medium length, super thick hair in less time than it takes to blowdry.

So the one thing that might stop you from buying the Sultra Bombshell is the price tag. $130 at Sephora. May seem a bit pricey, but let's weigh the benefits. If you have thick hair like me, it might take you forever to curl your hair with a normal wand. The Sultra has no claim, you just wrap your hair around the barrel, which makes curling your hair SO much quicker. The Sultra also has an amazing warranty. If it breaks, it's very easy to just take back to Sephora and exchange. It also heats up extremely quickly I counted about a minute and 15 seconds, much quicker then your normal wand. So yes, this iron is a little more expensive, but I think the positives outweight the negatives.

Your hair also doesn't get frizzy after using this iron. I'm thinking it's the ceramic technology that actually reduces the frizz and smooths your cuticles.

-I also love that it comes with a mat & the pink glove. The mat will speed up the heating process and the glove is super cute and makes it easy NOT to burn yourself. You can actually hold your hair on the iron, and not have to worry about hurting yourself. Major plus.

-There is a 9 foot power cord making it easy to move around while using. This is longer then your normal curling iron cord.

The only part I'm not loving about the Bombshell is there aren't different heating settings. There is only an On & Button, and no more options. This is the only thing I would change about the Sultra Bombshell.

My hair is short in these pics, but my hair looks much more natural then with your typical curling iron.I can't wait for my hair to grow longer, because I think longer haired gals will enjoy this product much more. I really do love the Sultra Bombshell, and I'm glad I was introduced to it. You can purchase the Sultra Bomshell at a Sephora near you for $130.

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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