Friday, June 10, 2011

Kate Somerville Tanning Towlettes Review

Now that I've been to dermatologist for my annual checkup and I have TWO more moles/freckles that need to be removed, I am completely done with being in the sun and all things tanning. (Especially tanning beds) So yes, I am still on a mission to find the perfect self tanner. By perfect I mean, won't streak, looks nice, doesn't smell, doesn't look fake and is within my price range.

Kate Somerville tanning towelettes are my newest find. -. Somerville360° Towelettes will produce a uniform, natural-looking glow within two to four hours

The towellette itself is a good size and has a lot of product. You can easily cover all of you with just one tiny towel. When I first saw the size of these, I thought they were samples. But no one little napkin will pack a powerful tan. The first time I used the tanning towels I was in a rush, BIG mistake! The next day I woke up streaks galore. Just because a product says it won't give you streaks doesn't mean you can be completely lazy. I looked like I had some kind of skin disease the next day. Very embarrassing.

The 2nd time I was very scared that I would mess up again. It seems like I always mess up in the same areas, around my knees and around my neck. I was very careful this time. I put on my tanning glove, (you can buy these at sally hansen) and took my time. I still made sure to really go over all areas and blend well with the towel overlapping any areas I thought might need it. Drying time was pretty fast and there was very little self tan odor. The tan was deep but not dark . Perfect for me as I want color, not just a tint. This is in no way like Jergens, which gradually darkens your skin. This is the real deal.

These are a bit more pricey than many other self tanning lines out there but I have to say with the extra wear time it can be worth it. I plan to keep some handy for those special occasion times or trips. A pre short vacation use would mean your tan would last the whole trip depending on how much time you spent in water. But these are also very easily packed for a top up. I have tons of self tanners, but these are the smallest most compact out of the bunch.

Besides QVC, Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes are available at Available at, select Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora, Space NK and Space NK UK

A box of 8 individual towelettes is $ 48.00 or on the brands website you can buy one for $ 6.00. Ouch. Yes, but you are paying for quality, and depending on where you are using them, these are still a good buy. If you are CAREFUL applying. So is this my perfect self tanner? Well no, and that is maybe only because of the price. I did not mention earlier, these do not smell like self tanners at all, which is a big plus. The next morning you won't wake up smelling horrible. If these were just a taddd cheaper, I think these would be my go to tanning product.

Have you tried Kate Somerville Tanning Towlettes? Thoughts?

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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