Monday, June 27, 2011

KISS Usa Nail Art

I've been collecting nail polishes for a while now, but I find myself getting rid of different polishes when they start to get old or I give them to friends. I've also been trying to save money by doing my own nails and toe nails. And it's so hard not to go the salon every now and then and just get my toenails done for me, but with the right tools it can be done.

Kiss sent me some nail art to work with, and I was super excited. These may just appear like stickers to you, but when I go to Target or Sally Hansen, these things are expensive! Think about it, every time you go to get your nails done, you spend like $25 bucks, and then they paint a little flower on your nails for an extra $5 and then you gotta tip them.. it can get SO expensive. Kiss already sent me their manicure kit, which I use almost on a daily basis. Read my review here.

Kiss Nail Accents are gorgeous and stunning, and can turn any typical nail polish into a work of art. They are easy to use and each package comes with an array of beautiful stickers you can work with.

Kiss sent me some gorgeous nail art to work with, but how easy are these to use? Well, let me tell you, SUPER easy! With the right tools and the right knowledge, (which I'm going to give to you) you will be on your way to beautiful nail salon looking toe nails.

This is the first thing you will need. If you prefer, you DON'T need one of these, however it makes the process much easier. This was purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for about $5 and it's meant only to put on rhinestones and nail decor. Tweezers work too, but not as well. This, (and I'm sorry I don't know the name right off my head) will pick up the sticker from the paper, making it easy for you to apply wherever you want on your nail. It works great especially when you're putting on tiny tiny rhinestones and you want them in a certain order.

Here's my first toenail art. It looked nice when I first did the design, but the stickers came off the first time I took a shower.. major bummer. So what to do?

Ok girls, if you're going to apply your own nail art, you MUST own this! No if ands or buts! It's called Rhinestones Only, and can purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $4. Buy it here. At first I was hesitant, because I've tried other top coats over my rhinestones, and they NEVER work. Apply this in a thin layer over your rhinestones or stickers, and it will not budge. And when I say it will not budge, I mean when I went to take off my polish 2 weeks later, the sticker was left on my bare nails. I had to scrape the sticker off with tweezers. That's how good Rhinestones Only is. I suggest anyone who does their own nail art, buy this.

Sorry for the bad picture, another toenail art I recently did...

My favorite was this sticker look from the KISS USA sticker collection. The stickers are unique and original, and don't look like the other designs the nail ladies put on in the salon. KISS offers these stickers for a low price, and you get 120 stickers! That's going to last you a long long time. Before I found KISS I was buying stickers, 10 for 10 bucks at Sally Beauty. I suggest if you're going to buy any type of nail decal, Kiss is your best bet. Especially if you're looking for more stickers for less the price.

You can purchase the above Kiss Nail Accents along with all over Kiss Products at Walmart, CVS, Kmart Ulta and more. I love my nail stickers, and I hope to start a collection so I will never run out.

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. Wow, great post! Very interesting. I want to try these out. And I'm going to look for the little stick thingy and Rhinestone Only top coat. Thanks for the tips! And great job on your tosies!

  2. yes! if anything get the rhinestone only.. i promise you will love!

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  4. i have tried one kind of nail wraps recently, it is very good,easily apply and look fantastic. it is the right products for holiday! It save your time to make it!


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