Thursday, June 2, 2011

Perfect Gift for Father's Day: Kyoku for Men Review

Designed specifically for men's skin by Asim Akhtar, Kyoku for Men products combine cutting-edge skincare technology with effective natural ingredients, such as ginseng, green tea leaf, bamboo, chamomile and avocado oil. It's so hard to find a good men's beauty product, strictly made for men. I know my hubby is always stealing my beauty products, because he always complains they don't make anything good for guys.

Kyoku for Men incorporates ancient Japanese knowledge of the active properties in natural extracts with up to the minute scientific research, resulting in the ultimate luxury grooming line for the active urban lifestyle.

Kyoku's Body products come in 4 different categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind. Their scents are perfected to give you the best experience possible. I love the idea of using all the elements!

Kyoku's Wind Body Lotion ($23) is a lightweight body moisturiser with a fresh green herbal scent. This stimulating lotion is formulated with ultra hydrating Glycerine combined with a Vitamin rich blend of Cloudberry and Holyherb to give a tingling sensation on the skin. Resulting in smooth, moisturised skin thats subtly scented.

•Leaves behind a light herbal scent
•Protects sensitive skin
•Gives a tingling sensation on the skin

My boyfriend tried out the body lotion, and I also took a couple sniffs. (I also applied a little!) Wow this smells amazing! It is light yet reminds me of a wood fire burning by a camp. It's unlike any men's smell I've been around in a while, and it's very unique. After the initial fire burning smell is gone, your skin is left feeling soft and smooth. Yes, I admit I've worn this a couple times because it smells that nice.

Kyoku Eye Fuel ($36.50) is another affordable gift for Father's Day. A cellular radiance cream that will energize and brighten the under eye area while providing long term anti aging effects.
Don't think men need to wear eye cream? Well I disagree! This is the perfect product for men wanting to look younger, or to maintain their youthful appearance.

•Tightening: Sugar Extract combined with micro-lifting technology in the Uplifting Eye Gel help to significantly tighten the under eye area and refresh tired looking eyes.

•Line Reducing: Light scattering particles in the Uplifiting Eye Gel and Licorice Root Extract in the Eye Radiance Creme combine to instantly minimize even deep-set wrinkles while also stopping cellular signals that lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

•Brightening: Vitamin rich Lavender Oil, Sea Fennel Wax, and Bamboo Extract combine with Kyoku Microparticle Technology in the Eye Radiance Creme to reduce muscular contractions that lead to sagging skin and dark circles, resulting in a bright, even-toned under eye area

Although I'm not the one that personally tried these products, my boyfriend told me he absolutely loved them, and I love the lotion on HIM! I gave these to him as a side gift for this birthday, and next to his Gucci cologne, this is now his favorite. Not only are these products affordable, but they make a great Father's Day Gift! All I'm really going by is the smell, which I am now obsessed with. The packaging is also very "guy friendly" so your man won't get made fun of for using beauty products!

You can purchase Kyoku Products online at Kyoku's site or a Barney's near you.

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. Sounds good. Men wants to look good too but they just don't show that side. My husband refuses to put anything on his face. The concept of this skincare sounds like it was based on, wind, fire and water. Gotta love eastern philosophy :)

    Heel in Mint


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