Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lime Crime Poem Contest

Clara, Betty and Veronica were as different as sisters can be.
Rare was a time when all three would agree.
They fought over dresses, they fought over clocks,
they fought over grandma’s old purple-striped box!

They shook it, they tapped it, they pulled it, they rapped it,
they turned it that way and this.
At last Betty stopped it, Veronica dropped it,
and Clara bid it adieu with a kiss.

But oh, what a wonder did come from that blunder!
The box opened up at once and displayed
Three marvelous lipsticks!
The girls knew in an instant
for whom each one had been made!

Write a vignette for a chance to win a lipstick of your choice!

Write a short poem (4-5 lines) about the sister of your choosing, her personality, and why her lipstick is perfect for her.

Enter here! Good luck!

And as always, buy up your Lime Crime Makeup HERE!

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