Thursday, September 15, 2011

the Balm Muppet Palette Pre-Order!


Love it! the Balm is coming out with the Muppet Palette, and only a certain amount will be available. Visit the Balm Facebook  page and be one of fifty people to comment to get your pre-order in.

We’re offering 50 more pre-sale spots for the Muppets Palettes on Tuesday, September 20th. Check Facebook and Twitter at 10AM PST for instructions on how to place your order. The first 50 people will secure their spots. Wocka Wocka :)


  1. Is still possible to get one? I just knew about it and Im dying to have one!!! Please help!

  2. I just found out to i found one on ebay but the
    Price is insane,$250 but shippings free


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