Monday, September 19, 2011

LUSHious Supplies for School

Nothing wreaks havoc on your skin more than the stress of going back to school after a summer of fun in the sun. Before the panic sets in, scoot down to LUSH where they’re equipped with powerful acne-fighting cleansers, toners and spot treatments to ensure that you put your best face forward just in time to impress that cutie in homeroom.
9 TO 5 Facial Cleanser , $9.95 for 95 g/$19.95 for 240 g
After a summer of relaxation, the return to the 9 to 5 schedule can take its toll on the skin and leave you looking like you feel, a little dull. This gentle cleanser made with almond oil, dove orchids and everlasting flower absolute can be used daily to revive and refresh your sensitive skin. (Vegan)
Tea Tree Water Facial Toner, $8.95 for 100ml/$19.95 for 250 ml
A spritz here, a spritz there and all your worries soon vanish along with inflamed pores and pesky blemishes. Tea Tree Water is the perfect detoxifying and oil-fighting toner for troubled, spotty or teenage skin. Its potent formulation that contains infusions of antibacterial spot-fighting tea tree, refreshing grapefruit and antiseptic juniper berries, acts as a tonic for congested oily skins. (Vegan)
Grease Lightning, $12.95
Why this treatment is spot nixin’. It is skin fixin’. It is ingredient mixin’. It is Grease Lightning! The expert blend of herbs and essential oils soothes skin while it clears blemishes. The witch hazel, thyme, calming rosemary and antibacterial tea tree infusion creates a highly effective antiseptic that cleanses skin and helps spots disappear with lightening speed. It also works wonders on any irritating bug bites that might be lingering from your summer out in the sun

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