Monday, September 12, 2011

Ellos Store

Do you shop online? I'm constantly looking for new hot womens clothing on the internet, and although you don't really have the chance to try the outfit on, you will find clothing that not all your friends have. Isn't clothing really about being unique and different? I love finding new hot fashion boutiques online, it makes shopping so much easier then sifting through racks when you have the whole store right at your fingertips.

Ellos Store is an online clothing boutique that has some of best clothing I've seen in a while. They have great clothes for Winter, including boots, sweaters, leggings, jackets and everything in between. My favorite items from Ellos are their shoes. Lately I've had the hardest time finding different unique shoes that are actually worth purchasing. I'm happy Ellos has came out with some new looks that are now added to my Christmas list! ( I know, it's kind of far away) ...

Here are some of my favorites from their shop:

The Ellos Cardigan

Ellos Satin Sandals

Ellos Hello Kitty Gloves (Love these!)

Ellos Leather Blouson Jacket

Not only does Ellos Store sell women's clothing and accessories, but they also sell kids and babies wear, and men. You can also find lingerie and swimwear. Basically anything fashionable can be found at Ellos. Being pregnant, I browsed through their baby wear and was shocked and surprised to see they sell Hello Kitty for baby! (The theme of my nursery)  Then I knew I was hooked. I've been searching for Hello Kitty baby products for the longest time. Sadly there isn't much out there, which I thought a bit odd.

So when I tell you there is something for everyone at Ellos, there really is! Visit Ellos Store today, and you will probably end up purchasing something. I found that their jacket and coat selection was my favorite. And extremely affordable!

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