Monday, October 3, 2011

The Amika Black Pulse Action Styler System


The Amika Pulse Action Styler System is a groundbreaking, totally styling experience. Turn on the tiny pulse generator and feel the vibrations penetrating the hair, going straight to the root! In just one stroke, you get faster and more thorough styling action. There is less need to go over the same sections of hair, which means a healthier and faster styling experience. The Pulse Action Stylersvibrations send Infrared waves through the hair surface directly to the root. Thispreserves hairs moisture and reduces drying out of hair. Dryness results in damage such as split ends, breakage and loss of hair.

The Pulse Action Styler creates electric wave pulses that, combined withinfrared heat technology make for faster andhealthier styling. The Ceramic plates of the Pulse Action Styler are extra smooth for incredible glide. The micro-pulse technology helps the hair gently glide between the plates without pulling or snagging.

Features & Benefits:
+ subtle vibration for faster andsmoother one-pass styling
+ far infrared and negative ion technology for soft hydrated hair
+ straightens the curliest hair, yet is gentle on fine hair
+ unique floating plates creates any type of style
+ ready to use in 10 seconds
+ light andeasy to use, barely apply any pressure
+ auto shut off feature
Price: $155

What do you think? Looks pretty awesome to me!

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