Sunday, November 20, 2011

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes

As long as I can remember my favorite mascara has always been L'Oreal.  Their Voluminous Volume Black as Black makes my lashes look super long, and dare I say fake! Finding a good mascara is HARD work! It's not like finding a good lipstick or foundation. There are so many duds out there, you really have to research to find out which ones are the best. Are you looking for volume? Lenghth?  Waterproof? All of the above?  So many factors to finding a good one.  So now L'Oreal has came out with a new mascara, I'm super excited about it!

"Say no to faux! L’Oréal Paris has harnessed the power of a dual-fiber formula to take lashes from ordinary to outrageous with just a few sweeps. Their new Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara optimizes thickness, length, texture and curve to achieve the clean impact of professionally-applied false lashes."

A combination of super-fine nylon and rayon fibers perfectly adhere to natural lashes, enveloping them from root to tip thanks to an exclusive polymer in the formula. Meanwhile, an architectural precision brush with a 40-degree angle and reverse twist bristles ensure optimal application, making lashes appear fuller, longer, curled and sculpted. No clumps or messy results – just flawless lashes from every angle.

Price? Only $8.95 That is the first plus. Very affordable.
I applied two coats of the mascara, starting at the bottom of course and working my way to the end of my lashes. I first noticed that my lashes were separated nicely. They weren't clumping together. It also lengthened my lashes almost immediately with only one coat, without having to put an extra coat on.  As far as volume, I saw a bit of a change but nothing drastic. I was most impressed with the way it separated my lashes, so they didn't stick together. Nothing bothers me more in a mascara then when it looks like  I have 3 thick lashes, because it's so STICKY! L'Oreal mascara never does this, maybe that's why their brand remains my favorite.

Please excuse my eyebrows which are in need of a plucking. If you notice, my bottom lashes are completely separated, and there's not mess below my eyes on  my skin where mascara tends to rub off. This stuff stays on your lashes and won't wipe off or start to stray towards the end of the day. It lasts. Another major plus. I can honestly say I've spent $20, $30 and more on mascaras that didn't work nearly as well as this one.

Create the most outrageous false lash look with our newest, most technically advanced volume mascara - Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. With the power of sculpting fibers this dual fiber mascara wraps each lash to boost, sculpt & volumize building an incredible false lash look. 

Mascara is always a "hit" or "miss" for me. There is never an in between. This is a hit, and because of the results and price, I will continue to use L'Oreal as my #1 drugstore mascara brand. I personally like the "black" color, but of course it comes in the brown and waterproof as well. I'm recommending this one to all my readers!

You can purchase L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes at drugstores nationwide for $8.95

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by L'Oreal Paris.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of L’Oreal Paris


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