Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perricone's new Hypoallergenic Collection

Introducing Perricone's new powerful skin care line for gentle skin, sensitive skin, the new Hypoallergenic Collection . If Perricone hasn't worked for you in the past, this might be the answer to your anti aging skin care needs.  The new collection contains Olive Polyphenols, which are naturally occurring molecules found in the olive leaf and olive fruit, combined with advanced science to deliver anti-aging solutions for sensitive skin.

Being pregnant, my skin has been extremely sensitive, so I can't been able to use my favorite Perricone products, because I worry it will cause a bad skin reaction. Many of my regular skin care products do not work as well for me since I've been pregnant, due to the hormones. These new Perricone products left my skin feeling soft and fresh, and guess what? No irritation at all! No red rash or itchy feeling I've been getting with my other normal skin care products.

There are 4 steps to the Perricone Hypoallergenic System, The Gentle Cleanser, The Peptide Complex, Firming Eye Cream and Moisturizer.

My favorite product was the moisturizer. Perricone does no wrong when it comes to moisturizers for me. Their cold plasma is one of my  must haves. (If you haven't tried, it you HAVE to take my word!)  The Nourishing Moisturizer has collagen-boosting neuropeptides, tocotrienols, and ceramides -- fancy words that basically mean they'll penetrate deep into your epidermis to help plump skin from the inside out. Its richness helps prevent future wrinkles by improving skin elasticity. Plus, the olive polyphenols quickly calm sensitive, dry, and irritated skin.

One of the reasons I love Perricone is because their products all prove to get rid of wrinkles and nasty crow's feet, and I can tell you first hand, it works! Of course the new Hypoallergenic Collection is no different. If you have sensitive skin, and your face usually doesn't take well to Perricone's products, the Hypoallergenic Collection is a must try.

You can purchase the new Collection at and of course Sephora.

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