Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best and Worst Eyelash Growth- Conditioners

I feel like an expert! I've tried most of the eyelash growth conditioners out there, and I get a lot of questions asking which is the best? Well here is the list with number 1 being absolutely fabulous!

1.Maximum Lash - Price? About $50. Maximum Lash is ranked #1 for me. I saw the most results with this product. Lots of length and lots of thickness. Plus it's one of the cheaper ones.

2. Padina Eyelash Conditioner- All natural, price $120 does exactly what it says.
3. NeuLash Price? About $150. NeuLash can be bought at Neiman Marcus and on their site, works awesome! Is this one was $50 I would have ranked #1. The price is way too steep for me, but the results are awesome.
4. Peter Thomas Roth- Lashes to Die For- Will lengthen and and increase eyelash length, but a little bit slower then other brands. Price- about $120
5. DuLash- Price $120- This is a so-so product. A little expensive for what you're getting.

4. TriLash- Price? About $40. Works pretty good. One of the newer conditioners on the market.

5. EnvyDerm- Didn't see much results with this. I'm thinking maybe it takes a little longer then the average. Oh well, I didn't have the patience.

6. Lash 28 Price? Bout $80 bucks- This one was a little clumpy on my lashes and I saw no result after 30 days.

And the worst of the worst? Nutraluxe Eyelash Growth.. (made my eyes completely red, irritated and flaky) Stopped using after 1 day!

Hope this helps you in your journey to find long full lashes!  Any input? I would love to hear it!

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  1. Its good to know the worst one. So that I won't try it. But for me lashovee have a highest success rate.


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