Friday, December 23, 2011

Nutra Luxe Lash Growth Review


Nutra Luxe Lash Beauty Eyelash Conditioner is the newest eyelash extender I have tried out. I have tried almost every single one on the market, so I'm adding this one to the list.

Nutra Luxe claims to "Rejuvenate your eye lashes and eye brows. Improve the appearance of your natural eyelashes in fullness, length, and thickness. In only 4-6 weeks your eyelashes will appear to be 30% to 50% longer and fuller. Simply use like an eyeliner. "

It was appealing to me because the price is only $35 on Amazon, which is much cheaper then other eyelash treatments. Now that I'm no longer pregnant, or nursing I can finally use eyelash growth again. .(Since most advise you cannot use if you are nursing, pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy)

I have only been using the eyelash growth for one day, and sadly I had to stop.  My eyes are not sensitive, and I've never had a problem with this type of product, however I woke up this morning with my eyes completely bloodshot, itchy and dry.  The part that is most disturbing is how blood shot and red my eyes are, mostly around my eyelids.  After checking out other's reviews on Amazon, I saw other people have a similar problem after using this product. Therefore Im giving this one a F for failure! Hopefully my eye gets better soon!

Sorry no positives here!!! Nutra Luxe  is available at Amazon and  for around $35


  1. Ouch!!!! that's suck girl! something similar happened to me with the revlon just bitten lipstain and within 5 minutes my lips got all swollen and were burning like hell! my mom used it and it didn't do anything to her so I guess I was the only one and a couple of other people who received allergic reactions :-/ I hope your eye gets better tho

    Happy holidays


  2. it did that to me the first days but your eyes get used to the product... or put it on in the morning... lessbeen using it since more than 1 year now and no problem...


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