Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stay Beautiful This Winter!

· Hair & Scalp Expert to the stars, Philip B, says the first step in keeping your hair healthy through dry winter months is toinvest in a gentle shampoo that won't strip your hair. He suggests the Philip B African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo.The lightweight moisturizing blend of African Shea Butter, Hops, Nettle and Comfreydelivers much-needed moisture to dry, parched hair to strengthen and restore elasticity preventing breakage

Using a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week during winter months is so crucial to restoring moisture and maintaining healthy hair. ThePhilip B White Truffle Nourishing & Conditioning Crème can be used as a daily conditioner as well as intense deep conditioning treatment once a week. Apply mid-shaft through the ends of wet hair. Comb through with a fine-toothed comb for even distribution and ultimate nourishment. For light conditioning, leave on for one minute. For a more intense conditioning treatment, leave on for up to five minutes

  • Celeb manicurist and owner of the #1 spa boutique in Hoboken, NJ, Skyy Hadley, stresses the importance of moisturizing your hands daily with a body butter which will penetrate deeper into your skin than regular body or hand lotion. Product with shea butter as a main ingredient is always a plus.

Skyy pampers her clients with her signatureMilk-Me-Away warm milk manicures and pedicures. The warm milk soak is a great way to re-moisturize your hands and feet during dry winter months and the sugar scrub that follows is a great way to remove the extra dead skin. Sweet almond shea butter lotion is then deeply massaged into the skin to lock in the moisture. This can be done at home by mixing a few cups of warm whole milk in a bowl with vanilla essential oil (a few pumps of a moisturizing vanilla soap will do the trick if you don’t have oil) followed by an exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin and applying a shea butter lotion or cream to lock in moisture. I suggest the Bliss Body Buff because it’s an exfoliator that softens with shea butter and sweet almond oil!

Protect your hands and always wear gloves when out in the cold and try to avoid excess hand washing. If you wash your hands excessively during the winter, remember to apply a lotion immediately after you dry your hands to lock in moisture. Try theTrue Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion.

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