Monday, January 9, 2012

Body by Vi Weight Loss Challenge Review + Giveaway 5 winners!

Do you have some extra weight you're trying to shed? I know I do! I just had a baby, so although I've lost most my weight, I still need to lose about 7 pounds. Blakely Smart has introduced me to a new weight loss program, and her results are amazing! Just see below!

Isn't it awesome? 12 pounds in 2 weeks! Can you believe it? I can't wait to try it out for myself. The Body by Vi Challenge is the newest thing out there!

If you want to do the Challenge to lose weight, you can choose from a variety of kits ranging from $49/mo-$240/mo. https://lifesmart.myvi. net/products.html  Blakely is doing the $99/mo kit for weight loss as well and loves it! Its simple, you replace 2 meals with the shakes. Its so great for her b/c she is so busy and HATES  cooking ! (Just like me!)

Body by Vi not only helps you to become the slimmer self you always wanted to be, it also lets you win prizes and earn gifts and money! Now what do you have to lose besides all that unwanted weight? Sign up for the challenge and refer 3 other customers to buy the kit and you will get your next kit free!

Many, many people have taken this challenge and have nothing but positive things to say. Check out their personal stories of the great tasting shakes and tremendous weight loss they talk about here.

Are you interested yet? I am!!! So on to the giveaway! 5 winners will walk away with goodies and samples of the weight loss shake!!

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  1. I tried some diet pills that you can buy over the counter and nope they did not work

  2. Looks like Body By vi is stealing another companies success story

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