Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Focus on your health in 2012!

Focus on your health in 2012! We often think that dentists only deal with teeth but what you might not realize is that your oral health can impact your overall health. Oral health is tied directly to your overall health. Start the year off right and find out what you should be asking/telling your dentist in order to unlock the key to better health, with tips from Dr. Pankaj Singh, founder and CEO of Arch Dental.

5 Things You Need to Ask/Tell Your Dentist:
Ask you dentist what can your dentist do now to prevent future problems

Ask your dentist how your diet is affecting your teeth

Tell you dentist if you have any underlying illnesses or ailments and ask how your other illnesses are affecting your teeth.

  • Dr Singh notes that, someone came in for a procedure following a knee replacement and didn’t tell me. However, when I perform any procedures that will cause bleeding such as teeth cleaning, etc. I need to give an antibiotic first, if you have just had surgery to prevent bacteria. Also, a woman came in and didn’t tell me she had a breathing illness. She needed a procedure which required sedation. You cannot just be sedated if you have issues breathing, there are certain issues and precautions that come in to play.

 Tell your dentist if you have been snoring or having trouble sleeping

Tell your dentist if you have bad breath

Dr Singh says that dentists wear masks so we cannot smell it. Bad breath can mean that your mouth has bacteria build up and it is something we need to know about in order to treat

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