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Gloss Moderne Professional Gloss Review

Ever since I found the "Brazilian Blowout" treatment I've been hooked. I have extremely wavy and frizzy hair that is usually unruly and hard to maintain. For the last couple years I've been using Coppola Smoothing Products to straighten my hair and smooth it out.  The process keeps your hair straight and smooth for at least 3 months.

So enter Gloss Moderne Professiona Gloss Treatment.  I tried the Trial Version which is smaller then the full sized bottles, and is meant to work probably once or twice.

GLOSS Moderne Gloss Extreme is the extreme version of Gloss Lisse. This formula is intensified for those with more unruly, curly or frizzy tresses seeking maximized results.

Gloss Extreme revitalizes the hair shaft with essential oils and proteins to impart long-lasting shine and a smoothing effect like no other. Enjoy up to 12 weeks of smooth, shiny, frizz free hair.

This ultra smoothing, super charged formula contains 1.9% methylene glycol.

Signature ingredients, such as essential oils and proteins, help create sleek, smooth strands for celebrity worthy glamour every day. Keratin coats the hair shaft to strengthen the hair and eliminate the annoyance of brittle strands and split-ends.

GLOSS Moderne Glossing Treatments are the only low-heat instant glossing formula in the world. It is the most technologically advanced formula that guarantees results without damaging or harming the hair.

Kit Contains:

  • Pre-Treatment Shampoo 4 oz.

  • Gloss Extreme Smoothing Treatment 4 oz.

  • After-Treatment Masque 4 oz.

  • This is what my hair looks like when taking it out of a ponytail, no product. Extremely wavy and hard to comb through.

    The Gloss Moderne Gloss is slightly different then the Keratin treatment, because you do not have to leave the product in your hair for 3 days. I was excited that I could skip that part because not washing my hair or brushing it for 3 days sucks! The Gloss Moderne Professional Gloss promises :

    Lasts up to 12 weeks
    Perfect for all hair types
    Contains 1.9% Methylene glycol
    Great for more unruly, curly or frizzy hair
    Smooths hair and reduces curl
    Keratin strengthens hair
    Panthenol coats strands and smoothes cuticle
    Adds shine
    Reduces frizz and split ends

    Here's how it works:

    Pre-Treatment Shampoo - cleanse hair with GLOSS Moderne Pre-Treatment Shampoo formulated to remove all residue and prepare hair for treatment. Repeat as needed until hair is thoroughly clean (shampoo a minimum of 2 to 3 times for best results).

    Towel Dry the Hair - Towel blot hair very well. Hair should be damp.

    Section the Hair - Divide the hair into four sections.

    Apply Gloss Extreme - For 32 oz. bottles, use approximately 2 pumps for shoulder length hair, 4 pumps for medium length hair, and 6 pumps for long or extremely difficult hair. Using one to two inch sections, apply the Gloss Extreme one inch off the scalp. After the product has been evenly distributed, comb through hair very thoroughly, pulling solution from root to end for at least 4-5 minutes.
    Dry the Hair - Blow-dry the hair with good tension using a round or paddle brush until 100% dry. Must perform proper blow-dry for best results (Do NOT simply rough dry as you must use proper tension for maximum results).

    Flat Iron the Hair - Flat iron the hair taking 1 inch sections using a professional flat iron set between 380 - 400 degrees. Pass the flat iron over each section 3-5 times depending on desired results. (3 times to remove the frizz and maintain body, 4 to 5 times for most clients, or 6 to 7 times for the straightest results). Trim hair by "dusting" ends (optional but recommended).

    Rinse the Hair - Rinse hair thoroughly depending on hair length and thickness.

    After-Treatment Masque - Apply GLOSS Moderne After-Treatment Masque. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse.

    High-Gloss Serum - Apply a small amount of GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Serum staring at the ends. Blow-dry and style

    The main reason I've used Keratin treatments in the past is to straighten my hair.  So after doing all the above steps I realized it does exactly what it says it does. BUT- it does not straighten! My hair was smoother, easier to maintain and there was a huge difference in the amount of frizz  in my hair. But I still had to flat iron. This was a major dissapointment.  So does it do what it SAYS it's supposed to do? Yes. But let's face it, if I'm going to pay $300 (which is the price of the trial kit) I want my hair to be smoother and straight on it's own.

    I would recommend the Gloss Moderne Gloss to someone who already has straight hair, just a lot of frizz or someone that is not interested in having their hair stay straight with a Keratin Treatment. Personally for me, I like Keratin treatments for the glossing effect and the straightening. Overall this is a good product and does smooth nicely, however I don't think I would pay the high price tag. I think there are alternative hair care products that will do the same thing at the fraction of the cost.

    Have you ever tried a Keratin Treatment? Brazilian Blowout?

    The Gloss Moderne Professional Gloss Trial Kit is available for $300 at

    As far as rating? I'm giving this one a C+

    Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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