Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Beauty Essentials

You want to start taking care of yourself and looking as beautiful as you deserve to. So, what do you need to pick up and have on hand to start your little home salon?


I know it seems silly but you wouldn’t believe how many houses I have been in where there wasn’t a set of tweezers to be found. Not only are these the ultimate when it comes to shaping eyebrows and getting rid of stray hairs, but they are also a first aid kit essential. You don’t need to throw on a pair of scrubs and start training as a nurse but a first aid kit is good to have around. Make sure that you get a good set of tweezers. I suggest a few pairs. You want one with a precision point, very sharp, to do fine detail work. You’ll also want a set with a broad gripping surface. Make sure that they close tightly and have a good spring action.

Get some scrubs

I know I was joking about scrub pants earlier but they are really a good thing to have around if you plan on doing a lot of makeup work or dying your own hair. They are cheap, washable and easily disposable so you don’t care if anything gets on them. A basic set of nursing scrubs is comfortable and great to have on when working with anything that could stain or if you are going pro and working with an airbrush. Even loose powder will get all over you if you are using it right so wear some scrubs to stay decent while getting ready.

A good set of brushes

You don’t need to buy out the store but if you have a small angled brush, a large powder brush and a medium round brush you should be able to get by just fine. If you plan to do any more elaborate designs then I suggest picking up the right brush for the job but they get expensive really fast. I know some people that even have a brush for every color type. Very useful but a little overboard and hard to keep track of.

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