Friday, February 17, 2012

Votre Vu Tragic Magic Rescue Creme

"Say it isn't so...this can't be happening to me!" How many times have you felt this way? Too many days to count? Not to fear. Tragic Magic has come to the rescue! It soothes, decongests, desensitizes, rebalances and stabilizes the flush of hyper-reactive skin. That's not all. It will also reinforce the protective barrier of your skin to ward off those pesky free radicals and save the day. Tragic Magic Rescue Crème is designed to correct the excessive sensitivity of the facial skin and restore equilibrium to the self-defending barrier of highly reactive skin. Immediately, the skin is calmed with lime, then desensitized and decongested by a blend of skin defenders. Jojoba, rose hips, calophyllum, soja and avocado insaponifiables protect and balance skin's defenses and, with the protection of vitamin E against cell-damaging free radicals, your skin can re-hydrate to regain a balanced moisture level. With an impressive show, these protective ingredients perform to present your skin with serenity and harmony. No smoke and mirrors with our Magic Trick. Peace in, Peace out."

When I think about Votre Vu, I think about  delicious luxurious skin care that smells good enough to eat. Votre Vu's Tragic Magic is a little bit different. I was surprised because it has no smell at all, but still came in the fancy packaging I've come to love so much.

As I have said in earlier posts, and I'm sorry if I sound repetitive, I am now suffering from rosacea on my face, and it's not only embarrassing, but it makes finding good skin care a bit harder. I've had to throw away a lot of my moisturizers because they irritate and redden my skin. I can now only use products meant for "sensitive" skin.  I'm still not sure what brought on the rosacea, because before I was pregnant I never had a problem, so it could possibly be my hormones, but lately my skin has been dry, flaky and just plain dull.
Tragic Magic is exactly what the title says, a "rescue cream" It's meant for all skin types and was created specifically for people like me, who have dry rough skin. It's perfect for eczema, rosacea and  other skin disorders.

Lately my nose has been extremely red and dry. It's been peeling and everyone has been noticing. Makeup only makes it look worse, so I decided to try the Rescue Creme. After two night of applying before bed time, my nose looked so much better. My dry flaky skin was starting to heal and my foundation looked much smoother and didn't have that "cakey" look you can get when you put face makeup over an irritated face.

Surprisingly, Votre Vu's Tragic Magic sells for $40 which is a steal for the size and quality of the product.  So Votre Vu has done it again. Every product they sell continues to impress me.  To find out more about Tragic Magic, visit

Here's a video about the creme, that explains it a bit more in detail. So far it's been working wonders for me! Have you tried Tragic Magic?



Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. While I haven't tried that particular Votre Vu product I have tried several of their other ones like AMOUR D'ORE Les Vitamines Pour Vous. I did like most of the them but I haven't signed up for their MLM. I think for one months supply it's pretty expensive. The FULL BENEFITS Enriched Sérum Pour Le Visage I didn't like at all. To get the better deal twenty eight dollars, you need to join up other wise the TRAGIC MAGIC Rescue Crème will be forty dollars for the little jar you are describing.

    I can't bring myself to join because I have to fork out the MLM fee to buy the products at a cheaper rate. I was just reading about skin 2 skin which is an American made product which I can't wait to try. Maybe after next payday. But you should look into it. It's made from all natural ingredients and made for all skin types even sensitive skin. I haven't tried it yet but I'm going to. I think people that want to join a multi level marketing company would do well to join Votre Vu but it's not for everyone.

  2. Dear So,

    Thanks for sharing and I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed some of the products. I am a Brand Ambassador with Vu and perhaps you would prefer our Preferred Shopper Program. This is a wholesale membership option where the customer pay $69 (plus tax and shipping). In return, they will receive 4 full sized, best selling products valued at over $100 and then the opportunity to purchase all products at a 30 to 50% discount. Orders that reach $150 qualify for free shipping too. The only requirement is to place an order for about $80 retail every 20 weeks. There is no selling and no commissions - this is strictly a discount program suited for frequent users.

    Regarding container size, a little goes a very long way so they last. And with any product filled with great ingredients, you don't want it to last too long or the efficacy of the power ingredients is reduced over time.

    I've not heard of Skin 2 Skin - there are many great choices in skin care!


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