Friday, February 3, 2012

Votre Vu Valentine's Day Gift Sets

Baby Love- Voilà! Here’s proof that good things really do come in small packages. this Valentine’s Day, lavish your love in silky soft hydration from Amour D’Ore Petite, an all-natural cocktail of 11 essential oils and vitamin e – gifted with le bébé Duette, a clever combo of custom blended hand crème and lip balm. $49.00 at

Body Duette- You may need to check your reflection twice... wondering what all the fuss is about after a decadent drenching in one of Vu’s two flirtatious and transcending treats. The distinctive aromas from the flavorful SnapDragon Body Crème and tempting Tarte D’Amande Body Souffle´ are intentionally based on the most desired scents from la cuisine – the instinctive way to the heart. $55.00 at

Love Is On Holiday- Book your “playcation” today... with no regrets or extra baggage! A veritable pleasure trip, this fantasy-inspiring foursome transports your senses to a virtual beach even faster than a mouse click. This skin-softening set of French-crafted scrub, cleansing gelée, nourishing body oil and luxe lotion makes it tres easy to “stay another day or two.” $69.00 at

Mad for Your Man- There’s a Don Draper hiding in every man. Let him out with Votre Vu’s time-tested French trio of
organic shave balm, all-natural elixir and lightweight face crème. With Votre Vu, all he’ll need is a skinny tie to complete the irresistible transformation. Martini lunch, anyone? $69.00 at

All available at Votre Vu

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