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LUSH Superworld Unknown Perfume Review

Time for another review of LUSH!  I've been super bummed since my favorite scent from LUSH, Candy Fluff is no longer available.  Candy Fluff was a delicious smell of pure candy and sugar that is probably my favorite perfume of all time.  I have a small amount left in the bottle, only using it for special occasions while anxiously waiting for the day the scent comes back to the Lush online website.
I've been on a mad tear searching sites for candy fragrances that smell half as good as Candy Fluff, but nothing compares. All the others smell "cheap" and too sugary.

Candy Fluff will probably not come back, at least anytime soon , so I've been searching for another must have scent  from Lush. When I asked about another possible match, something that smells close to that "candy" scent I was steered towards the Superworld Unknown Perfume. I couldn't really find any information about the scent on the US Lush website, but it is available on the UK website. Here is a little bit of information about Superworld Unknown:

If you feel down and need clarity, follow singer Karin Park's advice and enter the Superworldunknown. It’s a panoramic world of possibility. Its impish combination of citrus notes and chocolate is like a surrealist dream of running away to the circus and escaping ties.
Mark and Simon first met the charismatic Swedish singer, Karin Park, when she popped into the B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful store and chose Ladyboy as her scent. They talked about how music can influence fragrance creation and she left her 'Superworldunknown' album behind as a source of inspiration.
The title track has a breezy melody, under which lies a more profound undercurrent of tragedy and loss. Karin wrote the song for someone who had lost a loved one, to get them out of bed and make them see the world as a wonderful place again.
"The sun is up today, challenging the rain, in this superworldunknown" - Karin Park, Superworldunknown

Inspired, we started work exploring several themes from the album. Being a Swede living in Norway, Karin’s music had a hint of sea and moor. Different themes were blended and time passed. Then, she came in again full of ideas about circus rings and fairgrounds. The work followed the muse and a tent sprung up on the moors.

If running away to join the circus smells of something good, this is it. The smell of candy floss, sherbet fountains, toffee apples and the seaside, yet it's also sophisticated… escapist perfumery really. Clever use of cocoa and vanilla absolute with cassia makes this fragrance really edible without having a single character that it can be labelled with. A new blend of juniper berry adds a breath of Norwegian fresh air and the feel of walking in the hills in summer. I've also used a new material made from tonka beans to provide a hint of reassurance. Petitgrain and bitter orange mixed with lime, lemon and bergamot create a dissy fairground ride of top notes. All of this is rounded off with rose absolute and ylang ylang."

Main notes : Cocoa, vanilla, tonka, cassie, juniper, petitgrain, neroli, lime, lemon, bergamot, rose, ylang ylang, benzoin, sandalwood

For those of you who have experienced Lush's signature Gorilla collection, Superworld Unknown is very much like the others.  Each scent is different yet they all have a certain smell that you can't find in the US. It's a spicy type of  musk that reminds me of incense, but with a hint of floral and a touch of  ylang ylang. The main note being cocoa, this stands out the most to me, although I wouldn't say it's heavy enough to describe the key notes as chocolate. I hate to say the KEY note is chocolate, because  I think many of you will think, "Ugh a chocolate perfume? Gross" But that is simply not the case in Lush Superworld. It's a cocoa smell that is done right, much like the Candy Fluff. A "candy" smell with other ingredients that make it unique and one of a kind, as only Lush can do.

Feels like : an olfactory joyride

I wouldn't say this is anything like Candy Fluff, except for the main note being cocoa.  If you are a fan of the Gorilla Collection, this is probably my favorite out of the entire UK fragrance line up. It's not as heavy as some of the other perfumes, but will last at least 1 hour. At first spray, the scent may be intense, but after a few minutes it dies down to a light scent of ylang ylang and lemon/lime.  I love that it comes in many different sizes and shapes. I tried out the scent in the long thin spray bottle, but personally I like the stick solid perfume because it will last you a good amount of time.   I have the solid  "Breath of God" Gorilla perfume, and I have barely been able to make a dent in it.

Overall, I would say Superworld Unknown is a unique  fun scent that is a good combination of the other Lush Gorilla smells.    I can finally say I have a chocolate perfume that doesn't smell cheap or just plain gross. Together with the lime, lemon and the neroli, it makes for  a perfect Spring time scent.   Sadly, I wouldn't say this is close to the Candy Fluff, but I will still hold out hope that Lush will bring it back sometime soon.

Superworld Unknown is available on the UK site, and also available in sample sizes, in case you're unsure if you want to commit to purchasing the full size.  I haven't seen it on the US site, but if that changes, I will update post.

UPDATE::: Lush Superworld Unknown Is available on the US Site, here

Have you tried Lush's Gorilla Perfume?

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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