Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best Lipgloss under $3- Bonne Bell Lip Lites

Ok first I want to say I'm super sorry for the poor quality pictures and swatches. This was a quick last minute post I threw together, just to let you guys know about some amazing lip glosses I've been using the last couple weeks. When I was young, one of the first makeup brands I came in contact with was Bonne Bell. I used to swatch on their Root Beer and cherry balms all day in junior high. Wow, what a long time ago.
Now Bonne Bell is making a comeback with their super new Lip Lites. These are exclusive to Walmart, and I didn't think too much of them when I first saw them on the shelves.  But then I saw the flavors and became a little curious. Strawberry Parfait, Passion Fruit and Creme Brule just to name a few. Plus at $2.99 each, I couldn't pass it up.
So for under $3, these are an amazing buy. I haven't found a steal like these in a long time.  The color payoff is nice, they create a natural look but they leave your lips shiny and maybe the best thing about Lip Lites is the yummy taste. Strawberry tastes just like a strawberry milkshake.  Once again, I am so sorry for the picture quality, I took these in a bathroom as a quick posting just to share how much I'm loving these!
 (Creme Brulee)

(Strawberry Parfait)

(Creme Brule, Strawberry Parfait)

I had to go to two different Walmarts to find a couple more of the Strawberry Parfait flavor, it seemed each Walmart had different flavors. So if you're looking for a specific shade you might just want to purchase off the Bonne Bell website, or just do some local Walmart searching. 

I do have to throw in a mention for Bonne Bell's Lip Blushes as well. These are sheer lip tints that also have delicious flavors. My absolute favorite was Passionate Fruit, wow what a yummy taste. And the color and look is extremely natural. It gave my lips  a nice natural look. I wore this to a wedding the same week I purchased these, and I think it matched my makeup well. When you wear heavier eye makeup you want to keep your lips low key, so Bonne Bell's Lip Blush worked well.

(Passionate Fruit)

Passionate Fruit was very natural, (seen above) without draining your face of color. So happy I found a lip tint I love for under $5.  Bonne Bell Lip Blush also comes in flavors like Cheerful Cherry, Serene Strawberry  and Peaceful Peach. I plan on picking up a few more because the price is too good to pass up.

(Serene Strawberry)

Serene Strawberry is extremely sheer. It was hard for me to get a picture to show you because it's so light. This one works better as a chapstick and has virtually no color except for a bit of microshimmer.  Still works well as a moisturizer though, and has a decent amount of shine.  The Bonne Bell Lip Blushes also sell for $2.95 at Walmart and the Bonne Bell site.

Are you a fan of Bonne Bell?


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