Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Want List: Dior Golden Jungle Palette

Lately I've been having a deep obsession with Dior makeup. I can honestly admit I used to think of it as over priced makeupl something that you're paying a high price tag for, simply for the name. And if I was going to indulge in super expensive makeup I was going for Chanel or Givenchy.  My last Sephora splurge was a Dior Powder Compact that I haven't been able to take my hands off I love it that much. (Review coming soon)

It's also been a while that I've seen an eyeshadow palette that I had to have. But the new Golden Jungle Palette by Dior  mighty impressive and I think the press release pics have sold me.  However this palette might be too pretty to even use. I see myself admiring it but never actually using it.  I love the leopard shadows, and the nude gloss  is the perfect combination, as seen on the above model.

Available in Fall,  this is one that I will be adding to my collection, although I wish there was a liner  or a blush inside too. I will admit this is something that as sold me  simply for the gorgeous packaging and the little Dior brushes are just so darn cute!!! Anyone else loving it?

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