Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 best ever Apprentice stars

Best ever Apprentice contestants: top 5

The Apprentice is arguably one of the more high-flying reality TV shows out

there, but it has caused just as much controversy as other more popular

shows in recent years. Although the program has run for eight series to

date, there are several contestants who remain memorable – for both good

and bad reasons.


 Raef Bjayou

He’s sure to have captured the hearts of one or two women and it was his

charm that helped him get to week nine of the competition. Despite his

sometimes overly obvious desperation to work for Sir Alan Sugar, his

charisma ensured that he remained a firm favourite until the end.


 Debra Barr

Although she was only young (23), she was arguably one of the most

frightening contestants, and there seemed to be no end in sight to her

boardroom back-chat. Sir Alan had a bit of a soft spot for her, but she was

fired in the penultimate episode when even her referees said that she was a

nightmare to work with.

 Ruth Badger

She made it all the way through to the final boardroom meeting before

narrowly missing out on the coveted job – a decision that still angers and

confuses many fans. She was almost supernaturally good at her job –

managing to shift six second-hand cars in a task - and few contestants or

viewers disliked her.


 Miriam Staley

A hotel manager who appeared in the first ever series of the show, she

seemed to lack the selling skills and intelligence of other contestants,

but was nevertheless an extremely likeable character. When she got booted

off in the 10th week, even Sir Alan had to later admit that he’d made a



 Stuart Baggs

The youngest ever contestant on The Apprentice shocked viewers across the

nation when he greeted Margaret Mountford by her first name, and again when

it later emerged that he’d lied on his CV. He will forever be remembered

for his ridiculous catchphrases, including: ‘Everything I touch turns to


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