Thursday, August 29, 2013

Prom Dresses at DressFirst

It's  been over 10 years since my prom, wow 10 years. Time really flies especially when I think back to my high school years. As a girl you always remember you're first boyfriend, first kiss and  if you're anything like me you always remember your first prom dress.  I think I might still even have mine in a box somewhere in my parent's attic, once day I'm sure I will pull it out to show to my daughter.
So now that you know how important your prom dress is it's time to get serious about some gorgeous dresses.
is a dress site that I'm obsessed with not only because of their prices, but their huge selection of almost any color, style, size any kind of dress you want.
DressFirst makes it easy to shop, they have a great return policy in case you need to return. Here are a few of my favorite dresses from their catalog:

I'm really loving the soft pastel colors, like mint green, coral and even a soft violet. DressFirst also makes it easy to search for exactly what you're looking for. Narrow your dream dress down by color, price, size, sleeve length and yes even celebrity style.

It really is hard to find a beautiful unique dress to wear for your special day at prom or another special event. Homecoming dresses can be so ugly and boring, it really is a struggler finding the perfect dress for one of the most important days in a young girl's life. (In my opinion) They are pictures you will always go back and look at, even when you're old. So you can see why a dress is so crucial.

Visit DressFirst today for wedding dresses, prom, homecoming, birthday dresses and everything in between!


  1. Nice collection of prom dresses which are very beautiful and smart & suitable for every type of function and event

  2. The first dress is amazing!

    MARTA ♥

  3. nice dress!


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