Sunday, November 3, 2013

Karmin Professional G3 Salon Hair Dryer

I've been in the market for a blow dryer for a while. I've used many different ones, like Chi, Hot Tools and many more. My Chi dryer recently broke down, and I've been using a general Hot Tools Dryer which has worked fairly well for me the past 2 years or so.  I was excited to try the Karmin Professional G3 Blow Dryer, only because I like to have 2 dryers, one for backup and travel, (which will now be my Hot Tools) and a dryer I use when I'm going out (NOW my new Karmin dryer)
“Karmin is proud to introduce the New Salon Pro Hair Dryer. Being the first hair dryer added to the Karmin Professional Hair Tools line it is definitely no surprise that it surpasses the standards of a professional hair dryer!"
"Providing you with exactly what you would expect from the Karmin brand, this professional blow dryer features a powerful 2000 watts for unbeatable power and incredibly fast drying results.
The ceramic heating makes for healthier hair styling and the ionic technology produces a faster drying time and emits negative ions for smooth, soft and shiny results that you would come to expect from a professional hair dryer. The narrow nozzle attachment allows for you to style and design easily using your favorite hair styling brush as well as concentrate on shaping smaller sections of hair such as your bangs.”
I like the basic black, finally time to go back to that original blow dryer look. I think a lot of time companies try to make their products all about the packaging and not about the product. Good marketing scheme, but in the long run it will be doomed because people buy expensive makeup and beauty products why? Because they work! So I like that Karmin didn't have to dress up their dryer to prove it's worthy.
So what's the verdict?
I love this dryer. It completely eliminates the frizz and it helps with shine and breakage. After trying the blow dryer a total of 3 times, I mostly noticed the frizz aspect. It worked wonderful with my favorite hair product of all time, which is Redkin Argan Oil and with a little blow drying serum this dryer was not only somewhat quiet but works well and has different levels of heat and speed.
For people that don't think the type of dryer you use matters, it totally does! When it comes to drying and curling irons, quality DOES matter because you don't want to destroy your hair, especially when you're using a tool everyday. That's why I've always stressed to my readers, a good hair product is a must. Everyone wants to have good hair, so why not splurge a little bit and get a product that will not only last but will do the job and do it well. The Karmin G3 Dryer does the job to perfection.
I also want to stress that the Karmin Dryer works well with any hair type. I have wavy thick hair, but it will also work great on thinning hair and curly hair, (my friends used it once as well too!) We all thought it was awesome. Trying it before Halloween trick or treating with the kids, my friend who has THIN hair, and my friend with curly hair both blow dried with the Karmin. No complaints at all.
Right now you can purchase the Karmin Professsional G3 Salon Hair Dryer here for $159.95 which is 16% off the regular price.  Also find them on Facebook to find out more about the product and it's good to know about frequent sales or coupon codes.
Loved my hair Halloween night! (If you don't know I'm on the right) - Blow dryed and lightly curled
Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for review for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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