Sunday, December 15, 2013

Forever Midnight by Bath and Body Works makes for an awesome Stocking Stuffer!

Forever Midnight is one of the newer scents from the Bath & Body Works Collection.

"Midnight: the hour of undeniable chemistry. A spark of sensual Plum Nectar ignites the thrilling heart of Midnight Jasmine and Vanilla Orchid, velvety florals that bloom sexiest after dark with a hint of seductive spice. The final rush of intoxicating Caramel Liqueur creates the ultimate collision of fragrance and passion."

Key Notes include Plum Nectar, Apple Blossom, Caramelized Pear, Night Blooming Vanilla Orchid and Midnight Jasmine. The Dry notes are caramel Liqueur and Whipped Meringue with a hint of Sandalwood.

Without writing a boring post that sounds like every other perfume review you have read lately, I want to say this IS a great scent that will make a fabulous gift for your loved ones this holiday season. I love that for $6 you can purchase the smaller size fragrance. I purchased a few of these and placed them in each of my stockings that I'm making this year. Yep that's right. Each person in my family is getting a stocking instead of wrapped gifts. It may sound easier but it's completely more difficult, not only because the stockings are personalized, but because I'm trying to fill the stockings with things that each person enjoys. I think it's really thoughtful and makes for more of a surprise. It's so easy to buy a gift card or a pair of shoes and wrap it in wrapping paper, the stocking however takes much more thought. Forever Midnight by Bath and Body Works is my 2nd favorite smell from the retail store, second to Carried Away. Forever Midnight is going in my mom's stocking and also my sister's because it has a dark romance note to it that I think they would both like. Even if you're not opting to go with the stocking idea, Bath and Body Works Scents are probably one of the most beloved scents that almost everyone enjoys, so of course any fragrance from them would make a good gift.

Carried Away is my favorite. If you like a light citrus scent that is soft and gentle, this one is perfect. I think most women would love this as a Christmas gift because it's not a "night" scent or even a daytime scent. It can be used as both. I prefer it for right after getting out of the shower.
Paris Amour is #3, mostly because I love the name and the packaging. With a higher concentration of fragrance oils, our Eau de Toilette gives you a more intense, longer-lasting aroma. Master perfumers have blended a unique formula of the finest ingredients for a unique fragrance experience. Still smells rare and exotic with that hint of signature Bath and Body Works smell.

Pink Chiffon is somewhat close to Carried Away but is a bit bolder and intense. Has a strong flower smell to it. Smells of vanilla and maybe rose petals. This is my fourth choice for Bath and Body Works Fragrances because ... well just because! Plus I'm always loving anything that has to do with the color Pink, although I'm not sure what this smell has to do with anything Pink. Ha!
Right now at Bath and Body works if you buy 3 of their signature fragrances you get 3 free. Um can you say deal? Awesome if you're buying gifts for lots of females friends or family because in the end you have 6 stocking stuffers for the price of 3. Bath and Body Works always sucks me in that way! Visit Bath and Body Works to purchase any of all of these delicious smells.

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