Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Currently Loving: Clinique High Impact Mascara

I've never been a big fan of any products from Clinique. I used to use the cleanser and moisturizer many years ago, but I haven't really tried anything new from them in as long as I can remember.  I finally reached 500 points at Sephora which makes me happy AND sad at the same time, thinking of the $500 I've used just on makeup is a bit depressing, BUT it meant I got a fabulous gift package, and part of the box was a Clinique High Impact Mascara 

I am extremely picky with mascara. It's like finding a boyfriend for me. I have a list of things I MUST have and things I don't want. Only a couple mascaras have been for me, and that's after trying hundred of hundreds not only drugstore but high end brands. That equals= expensive expensive! But in the end I relied on a couple Rimmel mascaras and Too Faced makes an awesome mascara too.

The Clinique  High Impact Mascara does a couple things that are amazing. The first thing it does is makes my lashes super long! I can put on like 6 coats and my lashes won't get clumpy, they just get longer and longer.  Another great thing about this product is the volume It makes my lashes thicker but not sticky where the lashes stick together and create those nasty clumps that you have to pick out with your fingers or tweezers. 
It also looks very natural, not fake and gross. 

I read the reviews of this product on Sephora.com and many people said this was the best mascara they have EVER used, and wow I think I might have to agree.  It also has  "wet" effect where its like very moisturized so be careful because it can get a bit messy. 

Sorry the picture is  a bit hard to see, but what this has done for my eyes is stunning because it really makes them look larger and just overall natural, which is the look I'm going for in the day time. Kudos to Clinique for making an A+ product. 

What is the best mascara you have ever  found? I would love to know!!! Oh and Clinique's High Impact Mascara sells for $16 at Sephora and probably  department stores. I wasn't send this product for review, this is just a great product I discovered that I wanted you beauties to know about!!


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