Sunday, February 9, 2014

My look using Rimmel Products

I received the new collection from Rimmel and I'm super excited about it. Truthfully I haven't used much from Rimmel in the past. When it comes to drug store products I was always using Covergirl or Maybelline. But I'm super happy I did, because I think I found my go to drug store brand. Rimmel has really impressed me.  I posted the pictures below of my face using only the new Rimmel line.  Here's a list of what I used.

1) Rimmel Bb Cream Matte is a BB cream that is packed with benefits that keep skin looking soft and smooth. I usually only apply BB cream when i'm going to the gym but I also like to put it under my foundation to keep my makeup from getting dry or flaky. I was surprised  how close "Light"' was to my actual skin tone.  It's a little on the pinkish side, which makes it even better to use under my eyes as a concealer primer.  I usually use Smashbox BB Cream which runs me about $25. This one? around six bucks! Can't go wrong!

2) Possibly my favorite product from Rimmel, the Natural Bronzer is just what it says. It's so Natural. The only problem was it took a few rough swipes to get the product on my brush so you need a bit of a heavier hand to apply. But once I did it blended well with my skin and around my jaw line and scalp.  It comes in 3 colors, mine was "Sun Light" which is super light and perfect for pale to light skin tones.  If you are new to bronzer, or don't use much when you do- this is perfect. And hey if you buy it and don't like it, no biggie because compared to my high end bronzers, this one is about $20 cheaper.  I love this bronzer for during the day when I want a different natural glow. I use my other bronzers for night time, a heavier bronzed look.

3) Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss:  I'm wearing this in 01 which is a deep red, a color I usually don't wear, but hey, it's a review! As a huge fan of Kate Moss I wanted to represent her lipstick as good as I could, I love her nude lipsticks, I have a couple, red really isn't my thing. But the formula is fantastic. Creamy and lasts throughout the day. I love the packaging, and anything that Kate Moss is wearing, I will wear too!

4) Maybe one of Rimmel's most notorious products is their ScandalEye. My favorite new drugstore mascara. This stuff will increase your lashes dramatically. The pictures are the proof. It made my lashes look like spider legs and it increased the volume too. Rimmel you made something amazing when you made the ScandalEye. I've purchased this several times since I've tried it. I love the neon package and the name is intriguing.

5) Last I'm wearing the Scandal Eye Stick in Black Mail. I love these chubby crayons. Chubby crayons are coming to be the hottest thing in makeup for lips and the eye.  It consists of a soft formula that doesn't rub off or crease. I love it for under my eyes and over. The tip is great for a thin line if you want a liquid type look. The only thing I'm not loving is I don't have a sharpener for when this gets low. So I use it when I want to create a "bigger" eye effect. The crayon comes in all sorts of colors, and I hope to collect all of them, especially the "Tempting Turquoise which looks gorgeous. 

Something I love about the Rimmel website, is you can "try on" the makeup before you purchase. You can use the model's face and apply any of the makeup on their site to see what it would  look like. You can change the model to a different shade, race or different  skintone to look more like your skin. I love the idea, you guys should really go check it out on their site.

My look is a little drastic, but nonetheless there is is  using all the Rimmel products I mentioned above. The lipstick is a bit too intense for my light skin,  but I am a fan of it all.  I can't wait to try everything else, there's not one new Rimmel product I've heard anything bad about. If I had to pick my favorite it would be a cross between the bronzer and the mascara. I can't really pick what is my least favorite because I love it all. I could say the lipstick only because of the color but that has nothing to do with the "product" so that would be unfair! If you're looking for drugstore makeup but don't know which one really is the best, I highly suggest Rimmel because they are bringin it this Spring. They really do compete with the higher end companies like Urban Decay or too Too Faced.  I'm going to pick up a couple more things from Rimmel this weekend so I will write up a post about those as well. I need some new makeup primer so I can't wait to try the "Fix And Perfect" Foundation Primer. Stay tuned......

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