Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Perfect Bright Lip Kit by Mally

Hello beauties! Excited to share with you the the "Perfect Bright Lip Kit" from the world famous Mally. I love watching her on QVC; she is full of beauty and energy, and her spunkiness is so fun to watch.  So entertaining.   One of her newest products is the Bright Lip Kit which contains a gorgeous lip pencil, and a 7 in one treatment lip magnifier in the color, Frisky Fuschia.

Frisky Fuschia is not the deep red it appears to be. At first looking at the color I was dissapointed. Such an amazing package and red? Sooo not my color, mostly because of how pale I am. But when I tried it on, I was happily surprised. This is more of a red/pink color that I think almost anyone could play around with.  It is indeed a bright beautiful Fuschia that looks fun, flirty and FRISKY. Hence the perfect name.

According to Mally, you should always apply your liner after your lipstick. (I learned this from watching her over and over on QVC)  So are instructions needed? Probably not. Take the chubby pencil, apply all over you lips; (the product has essentialy no yucky smell or delicious smell, no smell at all which is the best when it comes to lipstick) after that create a puffy line with the pencil and rub your lips together. Now of course the website says to apply the pencil FIRST, but whatever works for you, both look great.  More often then not, it's pretty hard to match up your lip liner with the perfect color. That's whats so great about this product.  Mally has already put the colors together FOR you, so you know the two will look great together, which they do.  The pencil really brings out the lipstick and I'm a huge fan of this set. I don't think I have any Fucshia in my huge lipstick collection because I'm more of a pink/nude girl. I'm happy to be broadining my horizons and finally playing with the brighter more colorful colors.

I keep calling this lipstick but it is called the 7 in one lip treatment magnifier. To call it plain old "lipstick" would be insulting! It nourishes and conditions your lips, while moisturizing and bringing an intense shine that lasts for hours.  I found that the wear lasted me about 3-4 hours, which is pretty good especially since I ate twice in that timeframe.

Overall, I love the color, how it hydrates, and how it makes my lips look not only larger, but softer and much more kissable. I'm a bit dissapointed that it only comes in two colors, the Frisky Fuschia and the Sexy Siren. The liner and lip magnifier comes with a sharpener too, added bonus.  It sells for $26, and is available on Mally's website, and QVC.

If someone like me, who is fairly pale and dislikes the color fuschia loves this product, then someone who loves a "brighter lip color" will fall in love with this. Yes I know the downfall is you can't walk into a store and try it on first, but I hope one day I will be able to cruise to the mall and try out all the Mally goodies. Mally please hear me! Come to Arizona!!!

Overall, I love this set and I think this should start a new trend. All lip colors should come with a liner and a sharpener. Don't you agree?  Only downfall is.... I wish there was a sleek little case to put all 3 things in.  I might have a little trouble keeping them all together, especially with a 2 year old makeup lover who loves to go through Mommy's makeup and put on lipstick. I will be stashing this one in my beauty safe.  Have you tried the Perfect Bright Kit??

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received. 

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