Saturday, July 26, 2014

My new Favorite Eye Liner: Gorgeous Cosmetics

Excited to tell you guys about a company that is new to me, although I've seen their name at my local Nordstrom before, this is my first experience with them.  I first want to give ,Gorgeous Cosmetics a huge thank you for being so friendly and easy to work with. Seriously, probably one of the nicest PR reps ever. I tried a ton of their stuff, including foundation, eye products, eyelashes, etc and each thing is better then the next.  I can only compare it to MAC, which to me has the nicest shadows and pencils to work with.  Professional makeup artist worthy. Gorgeous Cosmetics is the real deal.

Starting today, once a week I will be focusing on this fabulous brand, and be posting some sort of review of something from their lineup.Very exciting! Why the heck am I so excited? It's rare, few and far between I discover a new company that I'm so in love with right away. I've tried each thing at least once already and maybe it's just the colors I checked out but for my skin, perfection.  And I even have a lipstick called "Cotton Candy" which is a deep nude with a hint of pink. I call this fate!

So this week it's eyeliner. I'm very pick about the pencil eyeliners I use, especially around my eyes. So many crappy pencil liners out there that I'm always extra careful before I try a new one. And honestly the only ones I use and trust  are MAC and Urban Decay. I'm a big eye liner person and I wear a lot of it. By lots I mean THICK lines around the top and sometimes even the bottom., so I don't want it to slosh everywhere on top of my eyelids or give me a black eye look UNDER my eyes. I want it to STAY where I put it. If you've ever worn a cheap crap makeup pencil, you KNOW the difference between a quality pencil and a bad one.  The bad one will smear, be hard to apply, and will be hard and less creamy. Gorgeous Cosmetics sells a pretty basic makeup eyeliner, it's just entitled, "Eye Pencil"

I go for the blackest black black BLACK there is.  For $22, (worth the price)  you receive a creamy, rich, smooth and easy to apply. I went about my day after using this on the top and bottom of my eyelids, and I was extremely happy with it's longevity and it did NOT smear or budge.  I hate to compare but the only other eyeliner that I've ever experienced was THIS creamy is the Urban Decay Glide on Pencils which are fabulous as well.  So next time you're in Nordstrom, make sure you pick up one of these babies. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. at the results.

I thought standing next to the mirror was the best way to show a side and front view of my liner.

And I'm also wearing my new favorite eyeshadow palette from Gorgeous Cosmetics, swatches coming straight at you  next week:

Are you in love with this palette like I am?  Check back in next week for the swatches more pictures. I'm wearing the last color on the top right  in the above picture, but it's very fair and the color payoff with these go a long way. One swipe of the color and I had such a bright shadow. I don't want to give away too much, but I can say that Gorgeous Cosmetics lives up to it's name.

Gorgeous Cosmetics is available at Nordstrom and also on line. The Pencil Eyeliners are available for $22 and the Palette sells for $59 here.

Disclosure: Press samples were sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. You look gorgeous!
    That palette is beautiful, by the way; all of the shades are so complementary.


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