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Radical Skincare Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum

Radical Skincare... what a cool name.. This stuff has changed my life. I thought I had found my dream serum in a recent beauty company, till now. Radical Skincare has introduced a new Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum ($190)  Those words are probably foreign to you, so let me break it down a bit.

This is an intense anti wrinkle serum that breaks apart wrinkles and destroys them, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. And NO wrinkles. Few serums really do what they promise, this one does.   In just a matter of weeks the Peptide Serum promises you will see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.  It also promises increased hydration which is great because I have dry skin. If you have oily skin I think this serum would still be good for you, but in very tiny tiny increments.

The one downfall that comes with such a promising product is the price of $190.  Ouch.  Yes I can say this is a little bit out of my price range, but when you think about it, BOTOX costs more a lot more  then this, and I think this is just as good if not better. Shocked right? I know.  Botox only works on the crows feet and fine lines on your forehead, the Radical skincare Serum works your whole entire face. It also wont brighten and moisturizer the way this serum will.   I've noticed in the past few months my skin issue has changed.  Instead of wrinkles being my #1 problem, it is now my skin firmness. My skin is starting to loosen around my mouth and chin, and I fear the worst... I will have a turkey neck in ten years! I can't let that happen, so I DID notice a bit of difference in the tightening of my face which is not mentioned on their website. I just dabbed a bit around my chin at night and I do believe it helped just a tiny bit. 

I think the biggest difference I saw after a month of using the serum Day and Night, (possibly skipping one or two nights during the weekend) is my skin tone.   My skin is glowing and my makeup stays on and looks much more flawless then before.  I can see more collagen build up in my face and I see a more youthful look instead of tired dull skin. I feel I don't need foundation as much as I used to anymore. I can leave the house wearing only a moisturizer instead of a full face of foundation. THAT has never happened in my entire 31 years.

The Radial Skincare Peptide Serum fights the known 16 signs of aging. SIXTEEN! Wow! Makes me wonder how many my other fancy expensive serums covered. When you think about it, SOME serums and moisturizers say "anti aging" some say "skin toning" and some say "brightener"  So it's refreshing to see a serum that does everything all in one bottle.   What are the 16 signs of aging? This video covers everything:

I found these statistics interesting and I was thinking you guys would too:

Key Instrumental results after 4 weeks: 
100% of the panelists have been measured with an improvement of width, severity and number of wrinkles Expert evaluations, noticeable results immediately after application: 83% of subjects show improvement in skin clarity and brightness 85% of subjects show improvement in skin radiance 

Questionnare results after 4 weeks:
97% of subjects saw an improvement in hydration and 100% for softness 83% of subjects saw an improvement in skin elasticity and firmness 90% of subjects saw an improvement in sagging skin

So I do see a more glowy dewey look in my face and just a healthier glow to my entire skintone.  Yes I have a bit of a bronzer on my face in this picture but that is it. I'm wearing no foundation, only a light BB cream.  What do you think?  This product easily took 5-7 years off my age. I'm super bummed about running out of the serum the other day.   I can truely say I like this better then any medical collagen enhancer, (such as Botox) and I can proudly say I skipped my regular trip to the med spa this month.   So when you look at it that way, the price is well worth what you get in return.

Radical's Skincare Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum is available for $190 on the Radical Skincare site.  I'm giving this an A+ because it has done absolute wonders for my skin. I would never steer my followers in the wrong direction, but if you got the cash and you've been walking up and down the cosmetic line at Sephora and Ulta trying to figure out where the best skin cream/serum is, here it is.  I'm super excited to watch for what Radical Skincare comes up with next. 

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Disclosure: A press sample was sent for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. all opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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