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HUGE Giveaway from Lionesse Beauty Bar + My "First" Experience with Hair Extensions Story

Sorry I've been away for a while, been super busy and really loving  and trying out new things with my new hair extensions.  I've always had thick frizzy unruly hair and it's always sat about to my shoulders.  I like to dye it blonde, straighten it and curl it and I've always wondered about hair extensions and what it would be like to have them.  They have always been too out of my price range and they seem like a huge pain from what I've heard in the past. First you have to find a good legit quality place to buy the extensions which is expensive and then you have to find a hairdresser to put them in for you.  But nowadays, extensions are getting easier to wear. Everywhere you look and turn they are being sold even in your local beauty shops, I even saw a pair in my grocery store!   So I knew I wanted to try a pair, I just had to find the right ones. I've always wanted to see what I would look like with long hair, and I knew if I was going to try it I wanted to go all out by getting 100% real human hair. I wanted the good stuff.


Lionesse Beauty Bar is one of my favorite beauty companies for many different products. They sell a wide range of beauty products including skin care, hair products like curlers and of course hair extensions. They sell clip on and the micro bead extensions which is what I currently have in my hair. I had never heard of  Micro Beads before until I saw them on Lionesse's website.  It's a procedure where you need to have a licensed hair dresser put them in one by one with an instrument, which can be somewhat timely. (For me it took about 4 hours) But everyone is different and it depends on how much hair you want, how thick you want your hair and of course how long you want the hair.  

Thankful for me my cousin is an amazing hairdresser. So she gladly put them in for me free of charge. I can't tell you how much it would cost to hire someone, but I'm sure it ranges, and most girls have a friend that will discount something like putting in extensions. The big spending is finding the right extensions.  I've felt and sampled many different types of hair and Lionesse offers the best hair that I have found online and in stores.  The Micro Bead extensions are selling right now on their site for $1500 (yes expensive, but you get what you pay for) This hair can be used over and over again. As long as you take care of your extensions, wash them and don't kill them with too much product, once they grow out of your hair, you can put them right back in. So $1500 isn't really a huge purchase, think of it more like an investment for  a gorgeous head of hair. And after having the beads on my head for a couple weeks now I think if I had the money I would purchase these again.  Not only does your hair look healthier, but it just looks nicer and you can run your hands through  your long natural feeling locks. I can't even tell at this point where my natural hair begins and the extensions start.

Words can't explain how good this hair feels. It is so soft and shiny but does NOT look fake. I've received so many compliments since putting the micro bead extensions in my hair about how gorgeous and what a full head of hair I have. No one ever thinks I have extensions.  Although I have to give props to my cousin Amanda for cutting it and styling it so well, of course you will have to cut the hairs and make it blend with your original hair style. So here is the result:

Only downfall? Lionesse Beauty also gives you a free pack of beads to micro bead in to your hair.  They work well but I did have a couple fall out when brushing my hair. I went down to a beauty shop by my house and got the best silicone beads I could find.  With the silicone beads (around $28) we rebeaded a couple of the strands that popped out out, and they haven't came out since.  Still you CAN stick with the beads that come in the package, I have very tangled frizzy hair so brushing my locks was super tough before I put the extensions in so I've always had to pull and tug at my hair to get those knots out.  So I had much more of a risk of the beads popping out.   

The only other negative is the amount of time it takes to curl and straighten my hair.  Again you don't have to put the whole box of hair on your head, in fact my cousin took a couple strands and stuck it in her hair too (see below)  I have since taken the roll curlers that you put in your hair overnight so when I wake up I take out the curler and my hair is curled. This is the best way so I'm not spending hours each morning on curling my hair.  Plus not everyone needs their hair curled everyday like I do.  I know some people have naturally straight or curly hair and wouldn't need ALL that time to style their extensions. (By the way i'm super jealous of people that don't have my hair issues! Always wanted natural straight hair)

(This is my cousin who microbeaded a few strands into her black hair)

So if you read this entire post, I hope you take away from this the misconception about hair extensions and how they can be messy and expensive and look too fake.  After dealing with Lionesse and everything that came afterwards I'm obsessed with the hair extension world. If and when these start to go bad I will be getting another pair.  I don't know about the future but for now I really like how I look and feel with longer hair. I even feel more confident, never feel like I'm having a bad hair day, and overall just a more happy feeling since I've changed my hair up. I know that sounds crazy but doing something to enhance your looks can boost your self esteem and make you feel more positive about yourself, inside and out.

Are you impressed? The Micro Bead Hair Extensions are sold on Lionesse's website here And I'm super excited to announce we are giving away a full box of Lionesse's hair extensions in blonde only. I'm pretty sure you can dye the hair if that is not your color.

The retail value on this set is $1500 and yes that IS the price.  So Good Luck! USA only!

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Thank you to Lionesse Beauty for not only sponsoring this giveaway but providing press samples for the purpose of this review/giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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