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5 Effective Ways to Wash Your Hands

5 Super Effective Ways to Heal Your Dry Hands Fast
Author: Alyssa Craig
While the holidays, the treats, and the beautiful leaves and snow are some of the many reasons people look forward to the fall and winter seasons, there are some downsides to the cooler weather. Depending on the climate of the location where you live, you may experience drier weather that comes from these end of year seasons. The reduced humidity, combined with more frequent washing of hands due to cold and flu season, can result in dry, cracked, and even painful hands. As these months make their appearance, there are a few things you can do to prevent and treat dry hands.

1. Water
One preventative tactic you can use is to buy a humidifier for your home. As the humidity goes down, you can make up the difference with your own humidifier in your bedroom. This will help your hands and skin to keep from drying out quite as quickly.
We often talk a lot about drinking water and staying hydrated in the summertime and the advice is no different come fall and winter. Drinking at least eight, 8 oz glasses of water per day will not only help your body stay hydrated and function well on a number of levels, it will also improve your skin and help with dry hands.
2. Moisturizer
Moisturizers can help your skin to rejuvenate and feel healthier. You can help your hands to keep from getting dry by applying moisturizer multiple times per day. Consider beginning this even before dry hands become a problem! For the best effect, use moisturizers that are oil based instead of water based. Specifically, look for non-clogging oils such as avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil, and almond oil. If your hands are particularly dry, you may benefit from an organic moisturizer treatment such as those with tropical oils to help with deep healing and moisturizing. Read more about the benefits of these treatments here.
3. At Home Spa
Spa days are wonderful but they are not always realistic, so to heal your dry hands, consider treating yourself to your very own at home spa! Because the skin on your hands is relatively thin, it could definitely benefit from a little pampering. It is more simple than you think and will have you wishing you had been doing this at home all along.
First, exfoliate your hands to remove dead and dry skin cells by using an exfoliating cream that can be found at most drug stores and supermarkets.
Second, slather your hands in petroleum jelly. Be generous and be sure to cover all areas of each hand and in between fingers.
Third, put gloves over the top of the jelly and let this sit overnight. You will wake up with your hands feeling like new!
4. Wash Your Hands Gently
With the onset of cold and flu season and especially if you have a job that requires you to wash your hands often, such as a nurse, cook, teacher or mother, you may be washing your hands frequently, causing you to be even more susceptible to dry hands. Make sure you use mild soaps that will not be too harsh on your skin.
    Use warm water, rather than hot water.
    Towel dry your hands thoroughly after every wash.

Hand sanitizer, while alcohol based and known for drying out skin, is actually easier on your skin than soap and water. Consider carrying some hand sanitizer with you for small cleaning needs.

5. What Not To Do

It is just as important to know what not to do to take care of your hands as what you should do. Especially once the weather gets cooler and wetter, wear gloves to protect your skin. However, you will want to avoid wearing wet gloves for too long. Carry an extra pair with you when the first pair is likely to soak through or make sure the gloves you purchase are waterproof. You can also watch out for your hands by avoiding perfumes as much as possible, as these tend to be alcohol based and will dry out your skin.
Dry hands are a common, often forgotten, side effect of the colder fall and winter months. However, as you prepare in advance, take good care of your hands, and use the proper moisturizers you can restore your hands to their summertime glory.

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