Saturday, October 4, 2014

Favorite Hair Masks For the Fall

Hey beauties!!! One of my favorite beauty products EVER is a good hair mask.  I have dry, frizzy, damaged bleached hair and if I don't constantly repair it with repair masks and deep conditioners I would have a total mess on my hands.  Especially this time of the year it's absolutely crucial  to improve my hair's health because of monsoon season and how frizzy my hair can become. 

Carol’s Daughter Tui Color Care Hydrating Mask ($20.00, To instantly fix dull, color-treated hair so it can have all the softness, shine and vibrancy you want. Enriched with Cacao Butter and Olive and Maurita Fruit Oils to rescue and deeply condition your hair.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask ($9.50, This creamy, rich conditioning treatment is a moisturizing hair mask that revitalizes dry and damaged hair. It restores natural moisture balance and elasticity for shinier, more manageable hair.

Brazilian Tech Keratin Deep-Penetrating Conditioning Treatment ($6.38, is a protein and vitamin treatment that helps to improve the strength of hair. This high-performance professional conditioning treatment helps to restore your hair's natural keratin that may have been lost or damaged during daily styling and chemical/color treatments.


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