Monday, June 29, 2015

Just What A Woman Truly Deserves: black heels with red soles

Distinct, classy, luxurious, a symbol of beauty and femininity. That's what red bottom boots are and that is why millions of women would like to grab their very own pair of these fashionable pieces of art. Unlike any other type of shoes, you can easily distinguish which is the better looking pair. Although non-red sole shoes look elegant as well, it's just a treat to slip  into these heels.

Christian Louboutin, a renowned French designer who is known for his trademark, the red sole shoes, has pretty much set the bar in high heels standards. What's so special with these shoes anyway? The concept of high heels are there the only difference is the color.

Though you can make a shoe entirely out of red material, that isn't as striking. As we all know, the soles are places a person would look at when choosing high heels. What does a woman typically look for in high heel shoes? Well, there's the type of shoes (whether it's a pair of pumps, stilettos, or wedges), the size of the heel, the design, and the price tag.

Moreover, the red soles add a dash of feminine appeal. When a woman steps into these shoes, she feels more of a woman. An empowered person, a more confident being to take on the world. Take a regular pair of high heels and what do you get? ?Just a regular outfit. Put on a fancy pair of red soled high heels and what does that make of a woman? ?A glamorous woman in the pair of stunning shoes that she deserves.

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