Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Summer Face with the Lorac 2015 Collection

Hey Beauties! I was in no way paid for this post and it wasn't even sponsored. I was sent no products for the purpose of this review, I just felt so intrigued to write about how much I really liked the bright colors and long wear products I had to let my favorite readers in the world know about them.
Honestly, I've never tried anything from Lorac before this Summer. EVER. Coming from someone that has been a beauty blogger for almost 6 years, that's a bit crazy right? For some reason it never stood out to me, and I always just sort of  walked past it   I finally felt the need to go "all out" when I saw the  Alter Ego Dream Girl  Eye Shadow Palette. 10 gorgeous unique colors all in a very different feeling palette. I love the bright orange cover and the "feel" of it. By that I mean it's not your typical palette cover, it's some sort of soft plastic feel. If anyone knows what this is made out of please let me know. It's driving me slightly crazy. ♥
If I had to create a makeup palette of my very own, I think it would look something like this. The only 2 colors missing would be a frosty ocean like baby blue and a soft baby pink.  There are frost and non-frosty colors ad I really enjoyed the two bottom shadows that are a little larger because they are the neutral and pearly shades. This is SO perfect for Summer, warm and cool tones together packed into a makeup set that fits right into even the smallest handbag. I keep thinking if I was still in high school this would be my #1 must-have and I would have dragged it with me everywhere.
So the Dream Girl Palette, (name is SO fitting) is available at Lorac and Kohls for $24 Hey makeup junkies, you GOT to include this one to your collection. And since I've never been big into Lorac, I jsust found out there was an original palette similar to this called the "Heartbreaker" After seeing it it contains the colors that I thought were missing from THIS one. So now I'm searching to find the first one. Since this palette has trumped most of my palettes in my drawer, I'm feeling the need to include that one as well.  
I also want to mention I'm wearing the new Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer ($33) I got lucky and have all 3 of the colors, but I have to say my favorite by FAR, is the Golden Glow. This is a baked terra cotta, silky bronzer that works as a self tanner. I load this stuff all over my face, neck and shoulders and it's great because it doesn't make you look fake or orange. It just looks like you've been basking in the sun for a little too long, or that you just have a warm healthy glow. I'm also wearing that in the picture.

I'm also wearing the new Porefection Concealer (from Lorac of course) Out of the whole haul, the concealer was a bit of a disappointment, but I was disappointed in MYSELF for choosing colors 100 times too light for my skin.    This  concealer is infused with anti aging components and does last all day, especially when you apply powder over the product to prevent it from smudging and running down your face.  I have the two lightest colors  (P1 and P2 I think? ?) so I really can't honestly tell you guys how I feel because the colors were all wrong. And can I just say, Ulta wouldn't let me bring them back.. really? I had no receipt I get it it, but at least give me store credit!! Ok,  so enough of my venting- just make sure you purchase the right color. Concealer is something that if I don't already know for sure, I HAVE to from now on check my correct color at a Sephora or Ulta store.

Yes dolls my favorite out of the entire Lorac 2015 collection is the lip gloss. Insane color, gorgeous gorgeous.  Lorac came out with a ton of different colors but I have 3 (shown above)  The Alter Ego Lip Gloss ($15) each  will set you back $15 each, which isn't bad for how pigmented and beautiful these are. I can't help but think about my new favorite lipsticks by Anastasia, these are so similar to the cream lipsticks she just came out with.  Can I just say they also smell amazing? Each and every one smells like a delicious vanilla cake. Yum.   If you're looking for a lip gloss that's not tacky or sticky but has a huge pop of color these are right up your alley. I'm wearing the "Socialite" color which is the absolute perfect nude. 

The shine is also amazing, and the pictures don't really do the color justice.  My 2nd favorite color is the "Southern Belle" which is a pop of coral and pink mixed together to create a color similar to a watermelon.  Wow I'm getting hungry talking about makeup. Who would have thought?
So what do you think about the 2015 Summer Lorac Collection? Of course I didn't cover it all and we didn't go into too much detail, but I wanted to show you a completed look with ALMOST every product from the Lorac line.  All products are available on Lorac's website.


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