Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Touch of Royalty- Red Sole Shoes

Don't you just love adorning yourself with beautiful things that drowns you in complements from your peers? Well, that's what you get when you wear celebrity shoes and it comes to no surprise to look and feel like a celebrity yourself. However, when you add a dash of red on those high heels, you'll be getting yourself a royal experience.

Why is there a lot of fuss about red soled shoes? What makes them this talk of the town?kind of heels? First of all, let's learn a little bit of trivia about red sole heels. This concept didn't come out just in the last couple decades but a couple centuries ago. As a matter of fact, King Louis XIV wore red soled high heel shoes and even had his portrait taken with his heels on. So the next time you're going to wear your red sole heels, remember that you're wearing shoes straight out of royalty.

Come to think of it, countless celebrities have worn red sole shoes as a symbol of status. For quite some time, women have been enjoying the luxurious offering of these shoes that people would be willing to pay premium price for just a single pair of heels. Are they really worth the money? Well, it's a matter of perspective. But if you ask me, It be willing to stake my money on a nice set of patent leather heels.

As far as style goes, beauty is a no-brainer with such heels. Red isn't my personal preference but when it comes to high heels, red soles are on top of the list. You're be the center of attraction for sure. There's no doubting that you'll feel special and feel like a part of royalty.


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