Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jane Cosmetics Look In a Box Limited Edition Collections- Decadent Doll

Jane Cosmetics has just released another Limited Edition Collector Box, "Decadent Doll"
The box is complete with a Jane Gracious Lip Gloss, Dust Truffle Shimmer Eye Shadow, Sweet Rosy Posy Eye Shadow, Pink Bouquet Multi-Colored Cheek Power and step-by-step instructions for the perfect makeup application.
Ok um 20 bucks? If you read my blog you know I believe in Jane Cosmetics and I know it's just as good as the high end makeup brands at a fraction of the cost.  One of the major factors on why I believe this to be just as good as high end cosmetic brands is the new formulated eyeshadow that Jane has came out with.  Most shadows that sell for $8 are hard to apply, can be chalky and can take tons of swatches before you can barely see a color. Jane's new Shimmer Shadows are so full of color and intense shimmer the price is almost too good to be true. I was drawn to this specific box because of the bright pink colors and the macaron cookies printed all over the box.
So if you're a fan of shimmer and pink pops of shadow and lip gloss, I highly recommend you buy one, or even a couple of these because they won't be around forever. In the below picture I'm wearing everything from the box including a little bit of MAC Reflects pearl Glitter.
The Decadent Doll Look in a Box retails for $20 and will be available beginning July 15th at Jane is also offering a bounce back coupon and an additional 25% off all products used to create the look. Available here for $20 here.
Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. You look so pretty! Very dreamy. :o) I remember using Jane Cosmetics throughout my high school years, and was sad when it disappeared.


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