Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ariana Grande for MAC Spring 2016


Coming January 2016, Ariana Grande Mac  Viva Glam Collection
Her lipstick is a deep matte plum. Interesting color right? I guess we will find out. Stay tuned...

3 Easy Celeb Beauty Steps

1.       Get Kylie’s perfect pout with Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in Primrose.
“Start off with using a lip liner to outline the outer ridge of your lips (the meaty area where your face and your lips meet). Using your lip liner draw an “x” in the center of the top lip and draw a heavy vertical line in the center of your bottom lip. This creates a pouty lip affect.”
Smashbox’s Pro-Lead Makeup Artist, Lori Taylor-Davis
2.       Rock BeyoncĂ©’s show stopping pony with RPZL’s Pony In an Instant!
“Start with brushing out your hair to take out all the knots and tangles. Then, brush your hair into a ponytail to ensure the hair is completely smooth before adding the elastic. Once you have added the elastic in the desired section, take RPZL’s Pony In an Instant hair extension and place on top of ponytail. Slip the hair clip into your pony to secure and wrap the extra hair piece around the pony and you’re good to go!”
RPZL co-founder, Lisa Richards
3.       Add a hair accent to your look like Jaime King with Conair Styling Essential Bobby Pins.
“Using solid or multicolored bobby pins and layering/crisscrossing
makes for a great hairstyle!”
Scunci stylist, Laura Polko
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