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Why Opals Are the Perfect Gift for 2016

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Opals have been prized as a unique and mystical gem for thousands of years. Sure, there are more expensive, rarer stones out there, but few that manage to enchant and fascinate like the opal does. The way the colour seems to change is stunning, and few gems can compare with its chameleon-like beauty.
If you’re looking for a gift with a difference, then the awesome opal might just be the answer. You can buy them set into rings, earrings and necklaces. Opal Pendants are timeless and have a classic look. Opals have a rich history, great meaning and make a thoughtful present for someone special in your life.
Australia - Home Of the Opal
The Opal is Australia’s national gemstone, and it has a lot in common with their most famous landmark. Ayers Rock and the magnificent opal both appear to change colour depending on how the light falls on them. What could be more beautiful? It’s a wonder of the natural world.  Despite being out of the ground, the opal still seems to stay vibrant and in tune with Mother Nature.  

Myths and Mystery
The Opal is surrounded by myth and folklore. The multicoloured gem is often said to bring the wearer bad luck and for that reason should be avoided. This is a myth. Opals are the birthstone for October. Some people regard it as unlucky to wear a gem that isn’t your birthstone. Even more people ignore this old fashioned and myth based advice.  It's always best to take old-fashioned superstitions with a pinch of salt!
Revered Throughout History
The stunning stones have been admired and sought after throughout the ages. Opals are commonly thought to have been first named by the Romans. They named their fascinating find “Opalus,” which means “in part a stone.” In later times, the Greeks called it “Oppallo” which means colour change.
Varieties and Variations
There are many different types of Opal. The most valuable are the Black Opal. These precious stones have a darker body colour than normal opals. This allows the spectacular range of colours to be seen in clarity and brilliance. White opals have an almost milky colour as a base rather than the darker hues of rarer gems.  Boulder Opals typically still have an Ironside as they are thinner than Black or white types. Crystal Opals are not one particular type of opal but are a variation of the other types. Part of their body will be clear or semi-transparent.
Whatever type of opal you choose, it is a beautiful keepsake and will delight the recipient for years to come. If you’re buying it for someone born in October, it’s extra meaningful. Being their birthstone, it is meant to bring them luck! It’s a birthday present with a difference, full of thought and good wishes.
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What’s your favourite gem? Do you still think diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Are you superstitious about stones? Drop by and leave your stories in the comments.

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