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The Top Comprehensive Guide For Keeping Your Skin Beautiful

When it comes to maintaining our confidence and our looks, there are few things we put as much focus into as our skin. Protecting and nurturing the youth, smoothness and softness of our skin is something we take seriously. Why wouldn’t we? It’s ever visible and so much of what we wear is about just how much of it we flaunt or choose not to. There are a whole range of options out there, with mileage varying from person to person. Are you looking for new ways to protect your skin? Perhaps we could highlight something you’ve never tried.

1)      Anti-aging creams
The first stop for anyone who’s starting to worry that their skin might be beginning to let them down. There are a whole range of anti-aging creams available, so it’s important to know the best ones to look out for. You’re looking for the creams that emphasise on moisture as well as collagen. Most of us know collagen from the injections, but it’s an active ingredient in fighting the process that wrinkles cream. That makes it the top ingredient to look for when choosing a cream.

2)      What you don’t want in your skin creams
Part of maintaining that regime of perfect skin care is placing an emphasis on what we don’t use on our skin, as well. Watchdogs and consumers are putting more care into looking on the label these days and for good reason. There are still products using ingredients that not only make skincare less effective. They can actually do damage instead of doing good. Fragrance mixes are a bad idea, for example. Using the headline ‘fragrance’ is a way of protecting industry secrets. However, some cream manufacturers can also be hiding some terrible ingredients.

3)      Foods for beautiful skin
You are what you eat. So is your skin for that matter. There’s a great deal we can do in our diets that can make the fight for more youthful skin all the easier. So, where do you start? We’re not recommending goat liver or any ingredients you’ll have to look twice at. All of these are incredibly easy to add to your diet. Green tea’s a nice relaxing drink full of beneficial polyphenols. Walnuts and almonds make a good healthy snack while providing loads of Omega-3 to make your skin younger and smoother.

4)      Foods to avoid
Just like the ingredients of a skin cream, food is one to watch. There are also ingredients in your diet that might make it more difficult to get the kind of gorgeous skin you want. Some of them might even seem like great health options at first. Artificial sweeteners have no nutritional value and are only there to replace sugar. That in itself doesn’t make it good for your body, especially your skin. Some of the others are the usual suspects: sugar, caffeine and salt.

5)      Supplementing
If you’re not able to get all the skincare ingredients you need in your diet, don’t worry. So long as they don’t mess with any medication or diets and are used in moderation, supplements can provide with everything you need. Fern extract can be exactly what you need for treating embarrassing conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Cod liver oil contains the exact same Omega-3 that you can get from certain nuts. But supplements have it in an easily consumed, calorie-light form if you’re watching your intake.

6)      Break out the sunscreen
That’s right, you don’t have to wait for summer to roll out (though you should wear it then, too). Sunscreen is a great option for any time of the year as part of your skincare package. Studies have shown, for one, that sunscreen users report 24% less chances of signs of aging that non-users. Part of this is due to the easily absorbed, naturally hydrating nature of the lotions. Another element is some of the ingredients. Keratin, collagen and elastin are some of the skin essentials found in those wonderful little bottles.

7)      Hitting the spa
It’s no secret that the spa’s a great idea for just about any beauty and well-being option. It’s part of the whole appeal of the place, after all. But did you know you can choose specific treatments for the exact conditions of your skin? Next time you go to the spa, research which choices can be the best option for you skin in particular. Now you’ll know for sure how effective that lovely day out can be.

8)      Making your own spa treatment
We can’t always afford a day out to the spa, however. They can be quite expensive, after all! So, when you can’t make it out to that luxurious day out, have a luxurious day in instead. With a little help from these recipes at Glamour, you can create your very own spa treatments. This way you can also be sure that all the ingredients you use are fully natural. From rose water treatments to recreating the sauna experience, they have you well and truly covered.

9)      Microdermabrasion
For those of you who haven’t heard the term before: no, we didn’t fall face first on the keyboard. Microdermabrasion is the method of exfoliating the very outer layer of skin and all its imperfections. You have loads of layers of skin that quickly regenerate, so don’t imagine you’re doing any harm to yourself. Using the best at home microdermabrasion can save you a lot of costs by simply revealing younger, firmer layers of skin. There are professional services you can go to, but with just a little practice, an at-home tool will do all that for a lot less.

10)  Cosmetic surgery
Anyone who’s feeling uncomfortable in their own skin know how drastic they can feel the need for a change. If you’re truly unhappy with your situation and nothing works, cosmetic surgery can be the answer. Don’t be afraid of any taboos, just take the steps towards the skin you want. A round of botox can only take a couple of hours and leave your skin feeling all the firmer and younger. Don’t let anyone get in the way of getting a body image that makes you happy.


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